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Modern Marketing

In this day and age, there are endless amounts of creative and new ways to promote your brand. With the ever-rising use of social media and the internet, we have seen the world of Marketing evolve almost over night. Recently, most companies are chasing the hope of having a video go viral on Facebook or Twitter to create brand awareness. We believe there are other ways to turn heads, but we will get to that.

So… you’re a business and you want the world to know your brand and what your business stands for. How do we even begin getting our message out there to the people? Aside from creating social media accounts and a website in the sea of startup businesses, it is becoming harder and harder to effectively Market your business.


luxury rope bag 3 marketingBack to basics

Forget everything you know about Marketing. Throw out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PPC & SEO and let’s strip back to the start. If you sell a product, let’s say a t-shirt for the example, online or in-store… how does the customer get that t-shirt back home? Using a carrier bag. Almost everything you ever buy comes in some form of packaging, so if you aren’t utilising this to your business’ advantage, you are missing out on a huge outlet of advertising.

When a customer walks out of your shop carrying a product in your branded carrier bag/packaging, every person they walk past will see that packaging. Similar to the Digital Marketing world, this is called an Impression. Using branded packaging will instantly give you 100’s, if not 1000’s of impressions to local and potential customers.


3 ways to use packaging to promote your brand

1. Printed Paper Bags: If you run a shop, as we discussed earlier, your products need packaging. Utilise this outlet by printing your logo on an Eco-friendly paper bag. Read more about printed paper bags here.

2. Custom Packaging for events: The next time you or your business is featuring at an event, why not order some personalised Bottle Bags, Pillow Style Boxes or Jute Bags.

3. Mailing Bags for online businesses: Package your products is style with premium quality Mailing Bags also known as Courier Bags are increasingly used as a marketing tool as they are highly visible to a wide audience.


Need help getting started?

At Royal Packaging, we have a wide range of packaging solutions to meet your needs. Begin your order today or contact us for advice on all things packaging here.

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