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The holiday season is upon us and it’s time for families to share some quality time together. However, this is also the time when companies try to win over business clients by sending them gifts. Corporate gifting is important for two simple reasons. Firstly, you get to increase your customer base by sending gifts to potential clients and customers. However, more importantly, you ensure your clients are happy and are not wooed away by your competitor’s gifting campaign.  

Therefore, it makes sense to capitalize on the festive opportunity and thank clients and loyal customers for their year-long business and ensure they continue to give you business the next year.

There are no shortages of places from where you can buy Christmas gift boxes for corporate gifting. However, to get it right you need to arm yourself with some basic knowledge.

To help you make an informed decision, following are 5 practical tips for ordering branded corporate gift boxes for Christmas.


Pick the Right Paper Quality

The key to finding the perfect box is to take the dimension and the weight of the gift into serious consideration. If you plan on sending something heavy, then it’s obvious you want the box to crafted from heavier and more durable paper. Paper weight, which directly influences the durability of Christmas gift boxes varies from 250gsm to 1000 gsm. Instead of just sending the dimensions to the custom gift box manufacturer, it’s important to consult them regarding paper quality.


Invest in Customized Gift Boxes

When looking to impress your clients and customers blank gift boxes simply do not work. While customization adds to the cost of the boxes, this is a price that’s well worth paying. When it comes to customization there are more than a few options. You can simply add your company logo and the tagline to ensure anyone who sees the box know where it comes from. You can also create a Christmas-themed message with a smaller company logo.


Order Christmas Gift Boxes Online

Ordering Christmas gift boxes online can save you both time and effort.

Order Christmas Gift Boxes Online with Doorstep Delivery
Order Christmas Gift Boxes Online with Doorstep Delivery

The online ordering process is also transparent and you get exact delivery estimates, which eliminates the need for frequent follow-ups. Another reason for ordering boxes online is because you get to easily compare prices.


Ensure the Boxes are Laminated

Lamination not only adds to look of the gift boxes but it also protects the paper from moisture-damage. There are two lamination types to choose from, glossy and matte. The matte lamination looks more subtle and classy while glossy laminated boxes have a premium shiny finish.


Pair the Boxes with Custom Carrier Bags

If you plan on hand delivering the gifts to your customers or clients then it makes sense to buy matching carrier bags to go with the boxes. This will save you the trouble of gift wrapping the boxes. Custom carrier bags coupled with custom Christmas gift boxes also boost the branding potential of your gifting campaign.

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