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Anything liquid that comes in a bottle should ideally be carried in a bottle bag. What is a bottle bag? It’s quite simply a bag that has a typical slender dimension to carry a single bottle in an upright position.

Commonly these paper bottle bags are used in wine shops. However, they can just as easily be used by any seller who sells any kind of liquid product in bottles. These paper bags are often used by shops that sell organic olive oils or sell homemade sauces. They are also a great option for shops that sell liquid soaps and shampoos in bottles.


Consider the Weight of a Full Bottle

The worst thing you can do to your customers is hand them a bottle bag that’s made from flimsy materials. There are a lot of bottle bag manufacturers who use 100 gsm paper to make these bags.

Average Weight of a 750ml Wine Bottle Is About 1.25kg
Average Weight of a 750ml Wine Bottle Is About 1.25kg

These bags have a high risk tearing apart. If you plan on selling 750ml or 1 litre wine bottles, it’s always advisable to buy bottle bags made from 170 gsm art paper. If you have a no-compromise attitude towards durability, then order bags that are made from 250 gsm paper.


Consider Buying Rope Handle Bottle Bags

One of the key reasons you are buying bottle bags for your shop is to impress your customers. You want customers to be wowed by the slender bottle container and thus immediately form a positive opinion about your shop. Buying a bottle bag with rope handle shows people that you are willing to spend on the little things. The rope handle not only makes the bags easy to carry but they can be custom coloured to match the design of the bag.


It’s Always a Good Idea to Buy Them from Reputed Manufacturers 

The unique shape of these bottle bags poses a unique challenge. The small surface area at the bottom has to be specially crafted to endure the full weight of the bottle. Cheap bottle bags have a habit of rupturing at the bottom sending the precious bottle crashing below. It’s best to put your trust in reputed manufacturers who are known for making quality products.


Never Buy an Unlaminated Bottle Bag

Lamination is more than just a cosmetic enhancement. The layer of plastic not only protects the design and makes it look more attractive, but it also adds a certain degree of durability. The surface of laminated bottle bags is much more equipped to endure moisture damage than unlaminated bags. When it comes to lamination options you have two, glossy and matt.


Save More by Ordering Bulk

This might sound like general wisdom but buying bottle bags in bulk can save you more than you think. How much can you save? Well, almost half. The per-bag cost of buying 250 bottle bags is more than double the per-bag cost of ordering 5000 bags. If you own a wine shop, then you know for a fact that you are going to use up these bags fairly quickly and there is no real reason for you to order small quantities.

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