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Carrier bags, once you bring them home what do you with them? For a lot of people, the answer is making them into balls and throwing them towards the open mouth of an unsuspecting garbage can. While there is no debating the fun in doing that, as smart consumers, we should do our part in reducing plastic waste.

Carrier bags are everywhere and not using them is not really a practical solution. This is exactly why we intend to leave you with 6 awesome storage ideas so that you can keep on reusing collected grocery bags. Some of these ideas are easy to implement while others demand a little bit more resolve. It all depends on how much you are willing to commit to reducing plastic waste. Without further ado, let’s get started.


Hang a Beautiful Fabric Bag Near Your Front Door for Plastic Bags

Want a simple solution that can be quickly implemented? Dedicate a cotton bag, preferably a nice-looking one, and hang it near your front door.


Why the front door? That’s because you will be reminded by the storage bag to take a plastic carrier bag before leaving home. It’s also undoubtedly convenient to store the carrier bag inside the hanging fabric bag immediately after you return home.


Repurpose Tissue Dispensers

Both paper and plastic boxes with slits can be repurposed to work as a plastic bag dispenser. However, this requires a bit of effort. Mainly because you need to fold the stored plastic carrier bags in a certain way to ensure smooth dispensing.


Invest in a Plastic Bag Hamper

Why throw balls of carrier bags in a dustbin when you can have the same fun aiming at a giant hamper. If you have a spacious home, you can probably get away with dedicating a big hamper just for plastic bags.


Old Socks for Storing Balls of Plastic Bags

You know those socks that are abandoned by their sock partners. They sit inside clothes cabinets alone and lonely, never to be used again. Well, now you can give them a new life by making them into mini storage units for carrier bags.


Do exactly what you do when you leave socks filled with cookies for Santa. Instead of filling them with cookies, fill them with collected plastic bags.


Make Space Inside the Shoe Cabinet

Most modern shoe cabinets have plenty of space for other things. These make a great storage space for carrier bags. The advantage of storing carrier bags in a shoe cabinet is that you can easily pick one up when you are putting your shoes on to go outside.


Create a Plastic Bag Dispenser for Plastic Bags

This is a slightly complex process but one that’s rewarding. Before you start you should know that this only works if you plan on storing cheap plastic grocery bags. Start by laying out a carrier bag flat on the ground. Fold it in half. Now, you need to place another half-folded plastic bag on top of the bag. Make sure the upper carrier bag is placed near the bottom of the last bag. Now start rolling. As near the end, add another half-folded bag and continue to roll. Once you have a thick roll of carrier bags pull out single bags from the centre of the roll.

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