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There are a few carrier bag options to transport a batch of recently-bought items from the shop to your home. While plastic bags get its share of negative press, no one really talks about alternative carrier bag options such as canvas tote bags. These bags are made from 100% cotton and they make the routine chore of bringing home groceries slightly more comfortable.

If you have never used canvas tote bags for shopping, consider this your initiation. Following are 9 customer-friendly reasons why you should use canvas bags when out shopping.


Canvas Bags Pair Well with Fashionable Clothes

There is no denying the functionality of plastic bags. They are cheap, and they are sufficiently durable. However, carrying a bunch grocery-filled plastic bags can never look fashionable. Cotton tote bags, on the other hand, pair really well with casual wear.


The Soft Handles of Canvas Tote Bags Makes Carrying Heavier Loads Much Easier

If you have a long list of stuff you need to purchase, cotton tote bags should be your pick.  Instead of hooking multiple plastic bags on your fingers, you get to comfortably carry the groceries from the shop to your home. The soft cotton handles can be hung from shoulders to comfortably carry heavier loads.


Its Unparalleled Durability Ensures Groceries Safely Reach Their Destinations

Almost everyone has experienced plastic bag snaps on the road. These tears can leave you helpless and force you to waste money on re-buying certain spoiled items. Canvas tote bags are highly durable and they are perfectly capable of enduring heavy grocery loads without the risk of tearing apart.


They Are Available in Beautiful Bright Colours

Canvas bags are not just available in boring whites and beiges. There are more than a few shops that invest in buying personalised canvas bags to give them away to their customers. These custom canvas bags often have beautiful dual-colour designs.


Canvas Shopping Bags Are Easy to Customize

From sewing on a contrasting-coloured patch of fabric to simply applying stickers, canvas tote bags are highly customizable. Plain canvas bags can even be painted upon using acrylic colours.


You Can Get Printed Canvas Bags for Free

Many shops in the UK have now stopped using plastic bags. They instead give away cotton or canvas bags to customers. If you happen to visit one of these shops, you can get a free printed canvas bag for making a purchase.


They Are Biodegradable and Highly Reusable

The thing about fabric bags such as a cotton tote bag is that they are very easy to maintain. You just need to toss them inside a washing machine along with your clothes and they are as good as new. You can keep on using a well-made canvas bag for years. When it’s finally time to throw away a well-worn canvas tote bag you are comforted by the fact that they are completely biodegradable.


Canvas Bags Are Extremely Easy to Carry Around When Not Being Used

Much like any other fabric item, canvas tote bags can be folded. This means they can be carried inside purses, small bags, and even jeans pockets.


Helping Local Businesses to Spread the Word

Shops give away printed canvas tote bags for a reason. The logos and marketing message printed on these bags helps get more eyes on their brand. When you carry branded canvas bags you help local businesses to stay afloat.

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