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branded paper bags 5pMore and more businesses and people alike, want to be seen protecting the environment – which is amazing! Branded Paper Bags are increasingly popular with retailers, not only thanks to their green credentials; but because customers naturally love them. Take the classic Primark bag for example, think how easy they are to re-use. They also look smart and attractive, especially if you choose luxury paper bags, which are great for high-end fashion.

Say goodbye to the 5p charge

With the introduction of the 5p charge, plastic bag usage plummeted massively by 70-80% (source: BBC News). This was great news both for the environment and recycling everywhere. When this happened, the carrier bag world was looking for a new hero. Paper bags have always been used for commercial, retail and other industries, but never quite to the extent of how they are now.


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Not only are branded paper bags great for the environment and easy to re-use, they are now stronger than ever. With the swift advancements in technology over the years, the durability of paper bags has skyrocketed into a world of its own. Gone are the days of pints of milk or canned food splitting onto the floor and rolling around in the street, welcome the new breed of high quality branded paper bags.

branded paper bags cartoonBranded Paper Bags to meet your needs

Brand image is a very important thing. Creating and maintaining a recognisable company image is a tricky thing to do, as there are so many avenues to go down. Never should you only go down one, having as many areas covered i.e. Social Media, Pay Per Click, Promotional Items, the better.

Printed paper bags will provide you with an Eco-friendly, distinctive and striking brand image. When done right (which is every time with us at Royal Packaging), paper bags are a fantastic way to boost your sales and strengthen the popularity of your brand.

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Here at Royal Packaging, we have a wide range of options when it comes to paper bags. Choose from Twisted Handle Bags, Taped Handle Bags, Bottle Bags, Rope Handle Luxury Bags and many more.

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