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Need Printed Bags for Your Store? 5 Reasons to Buy Them Online

For a lot of shop owners, printed bags offer a great way to promote their brand. Often reused by customers, these bags are seen on the streets and they encourage fresh customer walk-ins. While there is no debating the effectiveness of printed carrier bags as a marketing medium, there is something that needs to be said about where you buy them from.

You essentially have two options. You can either go to a shop that manufactures custom bags or you can simply order custom carrier bags online. While ordering from printing shops work well for most parts, there are undeniable advantages of ordering custom bags online. Following are 5 perks of buying printed bags online that you have to forfeit when buying from vendors and physical stores.


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A Transparent Process: Right from accurate product images to specific delivery dates, the process of online ordering is much more transparent. When you order a custom bag, you are made aware of all the details. Details such as how much you are paying per bag, the material used to manufacture the bags, and the exact dimensions. Even seemingly trivial features such as handle material, style, and color are clearly represented either by the use of photos or by text descriptions.


Comparing Prices: As mentioned in the previous subsection, the great thing about buying things online is that the entire purchase process is transparent. You get the product details and price before you make your decision. You can even have multiple browser tabs open to compare prices to make a fully informed purchase decision.


Independent and Unbiased Customer Reviews: It’s easy to find out if an online seller delivers quality products or not. With so many independent listing sites, such as Yelp and Google Reviews, you can find honest reviews and ratings in mere seconds.  


More Material Options: When you shop online, you get a gallery of choices. There is no pesky salesman trying to upsell things you don’t need. Right from cotton and jute to affordable plastic printed bags, you will be spoilt for choices if you decide to shop online. There are not only more material options but also more customization options such as picking the handle type. You can even choose if you want your printed bag laminated or not.


Digital Representation of Your Bag: One of the major challenges of ordering custom printed bags from vendors and printing stores is that you often have to imagine how the finished product would look like. However, some online stores (including us) show you a digital version of the bag before they are manufactured. This allows you to tweak the color scheme or edit any design error before greenlighting the printing process.


Predictable Delivery Timeline: Running out of carrier bags can stall business and can turn away customers. As a veteran shop owner, you cannot afford delays. Thankfully, when you place your order online, you get an exact shipment date. This allows you to plan your orders and ensure you never run out of carrier bags to hand them out to your loyal customers.


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