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Ask any marketing guru and they will say digital marketing and social media presence are essential to draw in fresh customers. While there is no denying the effectiveness of a good digital marketing campaign, it’s also expensive.

Small businesses such as local shops that cater to loyal customers in their respective neighbourhoods almost never have the budget for hiring digital marketing experts.


Enter the Carrier Bag

Printed carrier bags are perhaps the most affordable mediums shops can get their names printed on. Serving a practical purpose, customers voluntarily carry them home from the shop, invariably getting more eyes on the brand. Think about it this way. Renting a billboard is a significant cost. Using carrier bags, you can get the same square footage of marketing space at fraction of the cost.

Green Going Greener with Eco-friendly Paper Bags
Custom Carrier Bag with Logo


It really doesn’t matter what kind of products you sell in your shop, you will always have customers asking for carrier bags every now and then. From the point customers make a purchase and leave your shop, they become your free advertisers. Much like human billboards often seen on the sidewalks, they happily showcase your brand getting others interested in what you have to offer. Apart from the cost of getting the printed carrier bags manufactured there is absolutely no other cost.


Carrier Bags Reinforce Your Brand

The way carrier bags work in getting new customers is by reinforcing your shop’s brand and logo in other people’s minds. Once you give away enough carrier bags, your brand becomes instantly recognizable, even to people who have never set foot into your shop. Next time they need something your shop sells, their subconscious brain directs them towards your shop. Walking out with branded carrier bags themselves, these new customers then go onto attract more new customers.


3 Simple Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Carrier Bags

Use Paper Carrier Bags for Maximum Visibility: The surface of paper carrier bags are like mini billboards and they offer maximum visibility of the design. Unlike plastic bags, the printable surface of paper bags does not crumple up and distort the design. If you are counting on a smart one-liner to get people’s attention, then paper carrier bags are your best bet.

Hire a Graphic Designer: A professional designer can not only create professional-looking carrier bags, but they are also surprisingly affordable. Instead of hiring a big graphic design firm, look for independent graphic designers online. Freelance websites are a good place to start to find talented artists with surprisingly low rates.

Colours Matter, Use Them Wisely: Have you seen babies getting attracted by certain objects. Well, the human brain is hardwired to gaze at attractive colour schemes. This is a seemingly-trivial detail that a lot of shops forget to incorporate. Try colour schemes such as bright red and grey, fluorescent green and white, white and bright orange to give your bags that extra pop.

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