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Selling a product to your customer should not be limited to one purchase. Your customers need to return to your business for their needs. With competition on a relentless upsurge, you need to be one step ahead of the competition. Customer relation can be maintained with good products, good services, and good image. If your business does not have a clean image then people may not come to your business to judge your products and services.

The world is on a steadfast warpath against pollution. More and more governments around the world are choosing to walk the environment-friendly path. By handing out plastic bags in your shop, you choose to stand against all the steps taken to save the environment. Something as simple as giving plastic carrier bags to your customers can stand to damage your business image.

When your business is marked as a non-green business, many of your potential customers will choose to go to your competitors.

How can you maintain a clean and green image with your carrier bags without breaking the bank?

The solution is simple. All you need to do is choose to buy reusable fabric bags instead of plastic bags.

There are numerous categories of fabric bags that you can buy. You may think that the switch will increase costs massively. The truth is the upgrade is not too costly and over time it stands to pay for itself. You can charge for the printed fabric bags that you pack your products in. Instead of handing the fabric bags to every customer, you can have a well-designed line of fabric gift bags that your customer might choose to buy.

Here are a few kinds of printed fabric bags that you can choose to customise for your shop.



Canvas is a flexible material that is used to make a variety of products. Canvas bags are hardy and fashionable. Printed canvas bags are bought by customers to use on a regular basis.



With your company’s name flashing on a fashionable canvas bag around town you attract the right kind of attention.



Cotton is a light and durable fabric which customers will find easy to carry around. Cotton bags are easy to clean, making them last longer in the hands of your customer. Colours pop better on cotton bags. If you want your fabric bag to stand out and look beautiful then choose to print cotton bags.



Jute bags are highly durable. They have a rustic feel to them. Jute is the poster child for all things eco-friendly. By stocking jute bags in your shop, you make your business stand out as an environment-friendly one.




Polypropylene is different from the other fabrics. Polypropylene is a synthetic fabric. Why would synthetic fibres give you a cleaner image than natural fibres? Polypropylene is easily recyclable. The material used to make PP carrier bags are recycled. The durability and the recyclability of the material make it a green choice for businesses.

Keep your conscience and image clean by making eco-friendly choices for your business.

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