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Are you looking for a company who are truly passionate about bags?

Royal Packaging are zealous about all things packaging and bag-related. When it comes to advertising, everyone knows the true power of social media, Google AdWords and other platforms. However, people underestimate the reach of printed wholesale packaging. With years of happy customers and industry experience, we offer the highest quality, fastest delivery and complete expert advice. From the idea, design and creation of all bags, we are thorough every step of the way.

Tell me more…

Bags are the easiest way to project your company identity onto an essential product. Think of any high quality product you have purchased, now remember the packaging they used. Printed packaging is also much less perishable than in the past and more likely to be re-used, which means even more exposure for your brand name or promotion.

In today’s competitive world, they make more of a difference than you imagine.

What are my options?

With Royal Packaging, ordering wholesale packaging and bags has never been easier. Whether your order is big or small, we have the experience to create unique and attractive bags to meet all of your needs. You can also choose from a variety of materials, such as biodegradable films and speciality plastics, along with environmentally friendly materials.

We specialise in:bottle bags wholesale packaging

  • Plastic Bags – Die-cut handle, Flexi Lop, Rope Handle etc
  • Paper Bags – Twisted handle, Taped handle, Luxury Paper etc
  • Fabric Bags – Cotton, Canvas, Jute etc
  • Packaging – Mailing bags, Gift boxes, Pillow style boxes etc


We our massive selection of different wholesale packaging options, you can choose and style that will truly suit you. If you read our blog from a few weeks ago (read here…), you will know that being Eco-friendly and using natural products is always on our minds. So we always ensure that our bags are created in the most environmentally friendly way possible, whilst maintaining the highest quality.


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