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In recent years, UK shop owners have shown positive intent to switch from single-use plastic bags to printed cotton bags. Even though this switch is commonly justified and marketed as an effort to “save the environment”, there is much more to it.

The thing is shopkeepers in the UK have figured out that giving away printed cloth bags to customers instead of cheap plastic bags has its set of perks. The biggest of them all is tapping into the eco-friendly products market. This simple move helps them get onboard the eco-friendly bandwagon and help promote their shop to a new and more motivated customer base.


73% Millennial Are Willing to Pay More for Eco-Friendly Items

Back in 2015, Nielsen conducted a global survey to better understand consumer behaviour. They surveyed 30,000 individuals from 60 different countries. One of the many conclusions derived from that survey was the fact that millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products.  That trend has only increased since then as customers are much more likely to spend more on reusable printed cotton bags than say 10 years back.

New-age consumers prioritise sustainability
New-age consumers willing to put in the effort for the environment


Here’s where the switch to cotton tote bags starts to make sense. Shops in the UK are not only selling custom printed canvas tote bags, but they are actually using them to draw in more customers. Their social media campaigns and marketing strategies are tuned to promote their eco-friendly initiative. This immediately gives them an edge over their competitors who are trying to promote their shop with traditional offers and discounts.

A shop with a no-plastic policy not only gets to build a brand around its eco-friendly image but it can also utilize traditional offers and discounts to attract attention. Long story short, shops with custom printed canvas tote bags has twice the potential to get fresh walk-ins.


An Eco-Friendly Initiative Can Help Shops Save Big Bucks

If you are trying to place your shop as an eco-friendly business, then merely adopting printed cotton bags is not enough. Following are 4 things you should do and how they will help you save money. Make sure to create an in-store poster that lists all your green initiatives for your customers to appreciate. You should also complement that with an effective social media campaign.


Ordering Custom Printed Canvas Tote Bags: Customers still expect shopkeepers to provide them with free plastic bags. By selling reusable cotton bags you can serve customers who forgot to bring their shopping bags. Without having to spend money on plastic bags, you end up saving money.

Turning Off Devices When Not in Use: Turning off computer screen when there is no customers is a good way to save energy and something that customers appreciate.

Switching to LED Lighting: Depending on the number of lights in your shop, you can save big on electricity bill simply by switching to LED lights.

Setting Up A Plastic Recycling Station: Setting up a recycling station is pretty easy. You simply have to designate different bins for different types of trash. You should also partner up with a local recycling plant who would buy the trash from you.

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