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Getting Your Product Featured on an Online Deal? Here’s Why Mailing Bags Are Essential

The success of any e-commerce business depends a lot on logistics. As an online entrepreneur, you need to ensure your products reach your customers without damage and before time. Before you feature an online product, you need to make sure you have the right packing material to ship them out in masses.


Mailing Bags Prevent Shipment Delays and Loss of Orders

Here’s a scenario. Let’s assume you spoke to the guys at Amazon and you are getting a product featured in a deal. It can be a lightning deal or a daily deal, it doesn’t really matter. Now, most newbie online sellers would spend a lot of time and effort in ensuring they have adequate stock of the featured product.

Now, here’s the problem. When you start receiving orders on your online seller interface, you cannot waste time getting the products ready for shipment. Even if you have ample stock, a mere 5 minutes of packing time per item requires a net workhour of 4 hours for a medium-size order of 50. With Amazon deals (especially Prime Day deals) routinely selling well over a 100 products per day, delayed packing can lead to a huge backlog in a matter of hours. The shipment delay can even lead to cancellations and loss of business.  


Mailing bags


The solution to shipment delays is already in place and is used by most veteran online sellers to great effect. When using printed mailing bags, packing a product takes less than 30 seconds. Much like an envelope, all you need to do is insert your product, seal the pre-gummed flap, and stick the printed recipient address. No wasting time with adhesive tapes or cutting cardboard boxes.

Now, let’s go back to the example of receiving 50 orders per day. When you pack the products using mailing bags, the packing time takes one-tenth the time. Even if you spend a full minute getting the package ready, the daily order of 50 should be ready for shipment in less than an hour. This efficient packing process allows you to feature more online product deals and thus earn more money.


Other Unspoken Advantages of Mailing Bags

There is no denying that mailing bags can potentially save you a lot of time and effort, especially when your products get featured on deals. Apart from the ease of packing, these bags also have other advantages over other packing materials.

Branding: The blank white exterior of custom mailing bags offer a large branding real estate. You can have your company logo and taglines printed in color and thereby increase brand visibility. The branding on mailing bags often gets noticed thanks to the popularity of unboxing videos.

Waterproof: Manufactured from polythene, these create an airtight seal and are completely waterproof. This protects the products from moisture damage during the wet season and reduces product returns.

Custom-Sized: You can order custom mailing bags that are sized to accommodate the exact dimensions of your products.

Tamper Resistant: Tampering during shipment process is not uncommon. Thankfully, mailing bags can never be opened and resealed. This reduces the risk of product tampering.


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