Eco Friendly Bags

Make your brand last, print it on one of our Eco-Friendly Bags for Life! Custom printed fabric bags are the promotional products of the future. Already the BPMA identifies them as the second most kept promotional product, lasting an average of over 8 months being used and seen by potential customers. Bags for life offer many different benefits as they look fantastic, they protect the environment and they are both strong and practical. If you are looking for a great way to promote your business in a long lasting and eco-friendly way then our printed reusable bags are the perfect choice. From our wide range of different printed bags for life you are sure to find the style that’s right for you. We can print your logo and design on our Cotton, Canvas, Jute or woven/non-woven bags.

woven eco-friendly bags

Woven Bags

Woven bags are designed to hold heavy items and for long-term use as and can also be wiped clean; this along with their stylish appearance makes them a great choice of bag for a range of purposes. The material used for these woven bags (Woven PP) is very economically friendly. It is light, strong and reusable, meaning that it will last for a very long time. These bags can be used over and over again, lengthening the longevity of your bran. Your logo or other design can easily be printed on our woven bags. available in many colours and sizes. Zip fastening available too. For more information on eco friendly bags and woven bags, please get in touch.

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non woven eco-friendly bags

Non Woven Bags

Our Non-Woven PP Eco bags are very strong and lightweight. These are gaining popularity as they are reusable and very fashionable. Our standard material is 80gsm which can be screen printed up to 6 colours, on both sides. Or for a more complex print or 4 colour process print, we can print onto a lamination which is then applied to the non-woven material. The fabric is available in a range of vibrant colours or can be dyed to suit your company or brand. These non-woven bags are made from a bi-product of oil, making them extremely environmentally friendly.

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cotton eco-friendly bags

Cotton Bags

Probably the most popular printed bags for life on the high streets today are the eco-friendly cotton bags. They are becoming a stylish and expressive necessity for many shoppers. Made from 100% natural cotton these bags are the environmentally friendly alternative to single use shopping bags as they help reduce waste and are produced from a sustainable and biodegradable source. Printed cotton bags are also very strong and durable so they can be used for countless shopping trips. Available with hand held and shoulder length handles they are extremely comfortable to carry and can be easily folded so that they fit in your pocket or handbag. If you are interested in printed bags for life we can have them custom made to suit your specific requirements. Choose the size, thickness, colour and printed design to create eye-catching reusable cotton bags that can keep promoting your brand and its eco-friendly image!

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jute eco-friendly bags

Jute Bags

From our printed eco-friendly range we introduce our stunning printed jute bags. Jute bags are made from naturally occurring plant fibres which provide the bag with exceptional toughness and strength. This makes them perfect for carrying multiple shopping items, hence why they are becoming increasingly popular in supermarkets. Natural jute bags are also 100& biodegradable and recyclable making them a very eco-friendly choice. Jute bags are playing a big role in reducing waste levels as they are being used as reusable bags for life. These eco-friendly printed bags are also very cost-effective and look great too. Especially when printed with an image or logo. Printing a brand or logo onto these pleasing reusable bags for life is a fantastic way to promote an eco-friendly image whilst also offering customers a beautiful and practical bag.

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