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3 Reasons to Be Proud When Using Eco-Friendly Jute Bags

Most people know that jute bags are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags. They are biodegradable and easily recyclable. As it turns out, there are way more than these few reasons to buy jute bags and other products made from this natural fibre.

Natural jute fibre is an excellent building material for making a range of different products including custom bags. Thanks to their high tensile strength, bags made from jute can carry heavy loads without the risk of tearing apart. Jute bags can also be custom printed and feature shop logos and other branding messages. While everyone knows that jute products are biodegradable, very few people know the other benefits of buying jute products.

If you are thinking of switching from plastic bags to jute bags for your shop, following are 3 little-known reasons you should be proud of that decision.



Cultivating Jute Requires Less Land and Water

Agriculture, in general, consumes a lot of fresh water. Considering that there is only a limited amount of fresh water for everyone on Earth, crops that need less water during cultivation are far more desirable. Jute requires significantly less water and can be grown in drier climates which are otherwise unsuitable for other crops.

Considering that most food crops are grown in highly fertile lands, this means cultivating this natural fibre to make jute bags does not reduce food crop production. This, in turn, ensures that an increase in jute production will not cause food shortfalls and thus increase the price of food items.


Cultivating Jute is Profitable for Farmers:

One of the saddest realities is that a lot of farmers in poorer countries face trouble to make ends meet. This is often because the cost of farming certain crops is really high. Fortunately, farming jute requires less fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides. Jute also grows pretty fast compared to other natural fibres such as cotton. A faster harvest ensures farmers get paid quicker for their effort and investment. When you are buying jute bags for your store, you know for a fact that it’s not only environmentally friendly but also friendly to the people who are toiling away under the sun in an effort to produce them.


They Can Be Easily Recycled to Make New Products

Jute bags can be disassembled to get hold of jute fibres, the building block to make all jute products. These fibres can be used to make jute footwear, baskets, rugs, and even jute twines and ropes. Recycling jute products requires significantly less energy and cost than other materials such as paper, plastic, and cotton.

If you own a boutique shop or a retail outlet that sells products made from natural ingredients, then jute carrier bags are an excellent choice. It shows your customers that you are willing to invest in the little things to ensure a greener tomorrow. Considering the fact that printed jute bags have a unique look and feel, they boast a much better conversion rate in terms of getting people interested in your brand. The sturdy build quality of these bags ensures that your customers will keep on using them and invariably continue to promote your brand.


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