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Now is the time for Eco-friendly Paper Bags

The UK’s 5 pence tax on plastic bags has led to an 85% drop in this type of bag. That means that over 6 billion plastic bags are no longer being used only once. So, if you’re considering opting for eco-friendly paper bags, there’s never been a better time. While plastic bags might be re-used more often, paper bags are far more environmentally friendly.

Green Going Greener with Eco-friendly Paper BagsDo you want to promote your brand and spoil your customer?

Brand exposure is important for any company.  Of course you can create social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, use PPC advertising or tap into Content Marketing, but old methods always work best.

Whether it’s for your shop, event or business, here at Royal Packaging have a range of printed paper gift bags. What better way to spread the word of your brand than having your logo on high quality, eco-friendly paper bags!

Ordering wholesale with Royal Packaging is extremely cost-effective, and you’ll find our paper gift bags aren’t only suitable for large luxury brands. With our prices, even the smallest shops can benefit from superior packaging.

Choosing your style

Customisation is key when it comes to branded paper bags. We offer 5 different eco-friendly styles for you to choose from:

  1. Twisted Handle Bags – Simple yet effective twisted handle gives quality and durability.
  2. Taped Handle Bags – Both stylish and eco-friendly, the taped handle bag is a classic.
  3. Bottle Bags – Protect your bottles in style with bespoke bottle bags.
  4. SOS-Take Away Bags – Large gusset take away bags, available to customise to your needs.
  5. Die Cut Handle Paper Bags – Maximise brand exposure using high quality die cut handle bags.


Our bag options allow for you to choose the style which will best suit your Eco-friendly Paper Bags needs. Once selected, select the quantity you want and get a quick free quote today.

Pick your style, and begin crafting your ideal paper bags now »


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