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Does your company require paper carrier bags?

As the oldest type of carrier bag, these disposable bags are increasingly coming back into fashion, and being used by many big brands, such as Primark. With the latest manufacturing and printing techniques, they also look better than ever, and come in all shapes and sizes.

If it’s printed bespoke bags you’re after, then Royal Packaging are keen to help you. Whether your order is big or small, we’re guaranteed to have a paper bag to suit you. Our company sell both paper and plastic bags, along with a range of cotton, woven and jute fabric bags.

The difference is our paper bags are environmentally friendly and the perfect way to go green!

Our variety of green paper bags come with many different handles, shapes and sizes to reflect your particular brand- and, of course, all can be printed with your unique branding.

No matter what you’re selling- jewellery, food, wine or cosmetics- our team can create a bespoke bag to suit your company and customers. Easily printed with high quality images or text, each paper bag is stylish, functional and extremely cost-effective.

In many ways, paper is better for printing on than plastic, and will especially appeal to customers looking to go eco-friendly. They are also fantastic for showcasing a company at a promotional event.

Here’s some more info about our bespoke paper bags.

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