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Paper carrier bags are popularly often used by shops that want to stay clear of single-use plastic bags. They not only have a premium look and feel, but they also offer a better branding surface than other carrier bag options. This is simply because paper is undoubtedly the best printing medium. From company logos to photographs, you can pretty much get anything printed when you order a custom paper carrier bag. Apart from the print itself, you can pick if the bags will have a glossy finish or a premium matte appearance. However, this is not where the customization options stop.

One of the most overlooked components of custom paper bags is its handle. By selecting the right handle type, designers often cleverly incorporate the handle into the overall design of the bag. For example, a simple rope handle can be made to look like laces of a printed shoe for a shoe store brand. While the design is an important factor, the type of handle also determines the cost of the bags as well its carrying capacity. Without further ado, here are 4 common handle types for custom paper carrier bags.


Taped Handle

As the name suggests, the paper handles of these bags have a tape-like shape. There are two main types of tape handle bags, external and internal.



External taped handle bags have handles that are stuck on the outer surface of the bag. This simply means the entire handle remains visible. External taped handle bags are generally cheaper than internal ones and are also known as SOS takeaway carrier bags as they are popularly used by takeaways and restaurants. Internal taped handles are attached to the inner walls of the paper bags. This means only the handle, not the section that’s joined to the paper surface, remains visible. When it comes to price, these are one of the most affordable handle options.


Twisted Handle

These are extremely functional and popular handle types. Their charm lies in the fact that they have a relatively rigid structure and thus maintain their beautiful “D” shape. The handles are crafted by a special machine that twists natron paper to give it a rope-like appearance.




The twisting process also increases the tensile strength of the handles, which allows customers to carry greater loads. Twisted handle paper carrier bags are slightly more expensive than tape handle bags, however, they are still are considered highly economical.


Rope Handle

Often given away to customers as carrier bags by shops that sell luxury items, rope handle bags have a premium finish.


Ropes are much stronger than paper, which makes rope handles much more suited to carry heavier loads. The color of the ropes can be customised to the match the primary or secondary color of the bag or the design. Rope handle paper bags are commonly used for luxury paper bags as they are costlier than other handle varieties.


Die-Cut Handle

Essentially a grip hole cut into the body of the bag, die-cut handles are an affordable and popular choice.


Now, because these handles are just holes on the bag’s body, they are made from the same material as the rest of the bag. To ensure the handles are tough enough to carry the weight of the bags, they are usually recommended for bags that are 170 gsm or higher and have protective lamination. This means a die-cut handle bag is usually more expensive than twisted handle bags and tape handle as it is manufactured from more durable craft paper.

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