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Paper bags have been around, seemingly, since time immemorial. They are one of the earliest and most enduring types of commercial packaging and still to this day are growing around the world. Over the past years, due to ever evolving technology, custom paper bags have become bigger and better than ever. But we will get to that…

custom paper bags blog 1The beginning

The first mass production of the paper bag actually appeared in 1852, when a school teacher Francis Woole and his brother patented the first paper bag machine (source: Good Men Project). Plastic bags meanwhile, only appeared in the 1970s and eventually outnumbered traditional paper bags. However, thanks to plastic bags’ lack of environmentally friendly qualities, paper is becoming increasingly popular again.

Not to help this,  5p plastic bag tax was introduced in Wales late 2011 and in England late 2015. Since then, there as been huge reductions in the use of single use plastic bags. Although 5p isn’t a mighty price, people instantly began seeing the benefits of having Eco-friendly and durable paper bags.

Present day

More recently, the world’s largest shopping bag was produced in the UK, and made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records. It was made purely of paper and was an accurate scale replica of a normal paper bag, with twine handles. It was so large that the school children that helped to make it could stand inside… great!

It’s commonly known that advertising is everywhere. Most businesses looking to get a large amount of brand exposure will often over look using Custom Paper Bags as a platform of adverting. Think of how many paper bags you have personally used and seen in the past year alone. 100s, 1,000s or maybe even 10,000s!

With ever advancing technology, we now have the ability to create the most durable Eco-friendly custom paper bags possible.

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