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Carrier bags are no longer a single use item. Throwing away carrier bags are harmful to the environment. Customers reuse carrier bags from shops to help reduce the waste generation. This awareness among customers can be used to your advantage.


Why Invest in Printed Bags?  

First of all, the printed carrier bags come in a variety of materials and a variety of price range. So, to get printed bags you do not have to stretch your budget too much.

Printed bags are attractive and are more likely to be used on a regular basis.

The primary reason for investing in printing is to advertise your shop. When your customers reuse your carrier bags, your logo flashes around town for pretty much free.

But to ensure that your logo catches the eyes of potential customers you need to design the bags and your logo smartly.


The Colour of Your Logo

The colour of your logo must be an eye-catching one. If you already have a single colour logo then you can play around with colours easily. Single coloured logos can be changed to any single colour that can pop in the background colour. For businesses with multi coloured logos, changing the colours might be out of the question. Think about the colours which would make your multicoloured logo stand out.


The Design of Your Logo

Every good business has a clear and distinct logo. The clarity of your logo is important when printing them on bags. If you have an intricate logo, consider changing to a clean and crisp logo that is easy to decipher.

shutterstock_699149704Complex logos might overwhelm your potential customers instead of drawing them to your business.


The Material of the Bag

Why do you need to worry about the material of the bag? The material has a lot to do with how distinct your logo is on the bag. On plastic bags, the logos might not stand out as well as they do on an embossed paper bag. Materials like plastic tend to lose their print easily as well. Premium bags, like printed fabric bags, are more likely to be reused by your customers. Choose a material where your logo looks good and has more chances of being taken out more often.


Colour of the Bag

The colour of the bag is the most important aspect of your printed bag. Usually sticking to safe single tone colours highlights the logo. The whole point of printing your logo on the bag is for the logo to stand out. So find colours that compliment your logo’s colours.


Other Printed Details  

You may want to get other details printed on your bag. Getting patterns and images printed makes your bag more desirable to your customers. Customise what you print on your bag to make them interesting. But in the process of making the bag attractive, do not forget what is more important. Your printed carrier bags are profitable only when they succeed in getting your business noticed. Ensure that your logo is what stands out on your bag no matter what you choose to print on it.

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