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Royal Packaging supply the highest quality luxury carrier bags to our clients all over the UK.Our Luxury carrier bags range from various forms of Laminated paper bags through to more exotic forms of plastic carrier bags with a number of handle options.A really popular luxury carrier bag type is ribbon handle laminated carrier bags, or rope handle paper bags.Our Luxury paper carrier bags come in various qualities , for a cheaper option we offer Kraft paper of  either 120 or 170 gsm but to get it more luxury we recommend our laminated art paper bags of 170 or 250 gsm.Many of our luxury carrier bags have a laminated gloss finish but some of our clients prefer a quality matt finish to give that extra feel of quality giving it that really classy look.

 The thickness of the bag can also effect the perception of the quality, the thicker the material the bag is made from the higher the quality. Almost all luxury carrier bags have some form of personalisation, they are usually printed to a high standard ranging from a single colour print to a full colour process print with a laminated finish, we can also coat the printing with Spot UV varnish giving it an extra classy look. Our Luxury carrier bags are manufactured in various standard sizes but we can always try to meet your requirements, see below some of our sizes so you get an idea.

• 16 + 7 x 15 cm • 16 + 7 x 25 cm
• 8.8 + 7.8 x 39 cm (Bottle size) • 24 + 9 x 23 cm
• 24 + 9 x 36 cm • 37 + 9 x 24 cm
• 32 + 11 x 45 cm • 45 + 12 x 32 cm
• 35 + 12 x 50 cm • 53 + 13 x 35 cm


We supply all types of luxury carrier bags made in both paper and plastic and all of the possible derivations, we can literally supply whatever you are looking for but certain options are only available with certain types of bag.

It’s always best to speak to us about the handles you are wanting to use, as certain types of handles are not appropriate with certain types of bags, although we can offer standard plastic aperture handle carrier bags also known as die cut handle carrier bags, plastic flexi loop handle carrier bags or  Kraft paper bags with twisted paper handles or tape handle carrier bags, but most clients when looking for a luxury carrier bag usually go for Laminated card bags with cord handles of Cotton bags or PP woven/non woven bags with rope or ribbon handles.

Don’t forget our fast delivery lead time,  we can get you these Luxury carrier bags in no longer than 3-4 weeks and even quicker options are possible when requested, the best way for you to make your final decision about which luxury carrier bags to purchase, is to speak to us directly and we will be able to assist and advise you about all of the various options including availability, delivery times and prices.

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