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Bespoke Plastic Carrier Bags – 29th February 2016

Need an easy way to enhance your company image?

No marketing tool is cheaper or easier to change than plastic bags, and since they’re now costing customers 5p, they’re more likely to be re-used. This means more exposure for your brand and more free marketing and promotion. Not bad for such a functional item.

Whether you need luxury designers bags or die-cut handled bags, find everything you need on our website. From the strong to the classy, our bespoke bags can all be branded with your company logo or promotional image.

We could really be ‘your bag’ at Royal Packaging, with our range of customisable bespoke bags. From drinks companies to those specialising in jewellery, our packaging is suitable for anyone looking for 100% professional looking bags.

Cost effective, reusable, easily promoted, carrier bags are like a moving billboard for your shop or brand. At Royal Packaging we also have a range of eco-friendly and paper bags, to enhance your company’s green credentials.

Bag those customers in 2016 with Royal Packaging!

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Bespoke Paper Carrier Bags – 22nd February 2016

Giving your packaging a make-over in 2016?

With the 5p plastic bag tax now firmly established, paper carrier bags are increasingly popular with consumers. And when you order with Royal Packaging, they also look fantastic and can fully reflect your individual brand.

We offer a wide range of bespoke paper bags, including those with twisted handles, taped paper handles, take-away bags, die-cut handles and rope-handle paper bags. Available in any shape, size and with any handle, our paper bags are well and truly bespoke.

Our Twisted Handle Carrier Bags are simple, yet sophisticated, and suit a number of different types of product. When it comes to paper bags, this product exudes quality and professionalism and will really be appreciated by customers. Made from Kraft paper, it is stylish, functional and cost-effective, making it one of our most popular paper bags.

If you want a luxurious bag, how about our Rope Handle Luxury Bags?

Stylish and durable, they might be slightly more expensive, but they ooze class and will enhance the reputation of your brand. Perfect for upmarket retail stores, they can carry everything from jewellery to lingerie.

For more about our bespoke paper bags, click here.


Wholesale Bespoke Paper Carrier Bags – 15th February 2016

Even before the 5p plastic bag tax, paper bags had come back into fashion and are now found in abundance on the high street. Brands like Primark and Topshop and classy French labels like APC are flaunting these kinds of bags.

Unlike plastic bags, paper ones can be composted or recycled quickly and easily. They are also from a renewable source and are not liable to the bag tax, making them very popular with customers.

For wholesale bespoke bags, contact us at Royal Packaging-your no.1 place for corporate carrier bags.

For paper bags in high quantities but sold at low prices, Royal Packaging are bound to be ‘your bag’.

We offer a huge range of different bags, including those made from plastic, paper, stone paper or fabric. Our paper bags come in any style, including those with twisted handles, taped handles, and die-cut handles. Whether you need bottle bags or take-away bags, or luxury bags for a designer perfume or clothing, we’ll have your product covered at Royal Packaging.

Get the regal treatment in 2016.

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Corporate Eco-Friendly Bags – 8th February 2016

Spring cleaning your company’s image in 2016…?

How about revamping your corporate bags, and making them eco-friendly?

With the introduction of the 5p tax for plastic bags, eco-friendly bags are more likely to be re-used than ever. Indeed, there are few reasons not to invest in environmentally-friendly bags. It’s an easy way to show your company has heart and cares for the future of the planet, and it’s also conveys the quality of your brand.

Since they’re so much stronger, eco-friendly bags can be used for any purpose. From returning numerous books to a library to using it to move house, customers will hang onto such bags much longer. So, they’ll not only be seen by potential customers, but remind the bag’s owner of your brand daily.

At Royal Packaging, we don’t just offer fabric bags, but innovative Stone Paper products for those who want bio-degradable, disposable bags.

Our bags for life include Non-Woven PP and Woven PP Carrier Bags, Cotton Bags, and Jute Bags.

If you want your bag to be particularly eye-catching, our Cotton Bags are a fantastic choice. Simply choose your size, thickness and printed design, and you’re have a stylish bag to suit all customers.

Royal Packaging provide no less than royal service.

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Revamping Your Packaging In 2016? – 1st February 2016

Your logo is the identity badge for your company- getting it seen is therefore a huge priority for any company. If you’ve revamped your logo for 2016, and you run a retail business, you will probably need new carrier bags.

Many people never give bags a second thought; that is, until you start running a business. It’s then you realise, carrier bags are some of the most versatile and cost-effective advertising tools around, and the easiest way to get your logo seen.

Whether you run a Fish n’ Chip shop, luxury designer outlet, or are having a promotional event, Royal Packaging are the place to be.

From luxury bags to take-away bags, your logo can grace any kind of packaging: die-handled, eco-friendly, stone paper bags, flexi loop handled, vest handled bags…the list goes on.

When choosing a carrier bag, it’s important to choose one according to the following: the size and weight of your product; how many bags do you need; and what type of handle you require. For instance, punched handle carrier bags are better suited to lighter goods, while flexi-looped handle bags are stronger but still cost-effective. Vest carrier bags are the cheaper but not suitable for heavier goods.

For all the advice you need on your packaging, contact Royal Packaging today.

020 8150 3822.


Rebrand Your Bags In 2016 – 18th January 2016

Branding matters more than ever in the 21st century, with companies having to stand heads above the competition. That means that the little details, like branded bags, matter more and more.
Looking to rebrand your bags in 2016? For carrier bags of superior quality, contact Royal Packaging.

Our corporate printed carrier bags scream quality and professionalism, whether you sell food, clothes, wine or shoes. Our commercial carrier bags include everything from bio-degradable bags for life, to bottles bags, take-away bags and duffle bags.

In short- if it’s carrier bag-related, we have it. That includes the most common type of carrier bags: polythene. We understand that your need to find the right bag for your purposes, and will help you find the right strength, size, and handles.

With customers being charged 5p per bag, plastic carrier bags are more likely to be re-used, and therefore seen more often. Could they be your ultimate advertising tool in 2016?

At Royal Packaging, we aim to deliver your printed carrier bags quickly, no matter how vast the quantity. Along with our speedy service, we also offer professional advice, great quality, small or large quantities, a wide variety of bags, and highly competitive prices.

Get the royal treatment this year.


Branded Polythene Carrier Bags – 11th January 2016

Bags are one of the most underrated marketing tools.

Their functionality, matched with their high visibility, makes for a powerful form of advertising. They are the most cost-effective way to get your brand seen, with promotional bags available to meet various different budgets, whether you own a small or larger company.

When leaflets and advertising aren’t having the desired effect, changing your bags is a wonderful place to start. Whether it’s for your retail store, an art exhibition, conference, trade show, sport or charity event, it instantly creates awareness of your promotional message. This is especially useful in today’s competitive business climate, when the products can’t always speak for themselves.

For branded polythene bags, our trusted team at Royal Packaging are always keen to help.

Whether you need bottles bags, luxury bags, die-cut handle bags, duffle bags or vest handle bags, you’ll find them all at Royal Packaging. With our services, you can customise everything from the logo to the handles, along with the size of the bag and material.

Get your brand seen in 2016.

For more about our branded bags, visit our main website.


Branded Paper Carrier Bags – 4th January 2016

Need to revolutionise your branding in 2016? Why not start with your carrier bags? After all it’s the small things that make a big difference. Now Christmas is over, there are plenty of opportunities to re-brand your packaging and make it bang on-trend.

Now that customers are being charged 5p per plastic bag, paper carrier bags are an increasingly popular choice- not to mention the most environmentally-friendly option.

Here at Royal Packaging we offer all types of branded bag, including paper, plastic and eco-friendly fabric bags.

Our paper bags include those with twisted handles, taped handles, and die-cut handles, along with luxury paper bags. Whether for a special event, shop or business, these bags are strong, versatile and are branded using top printing techniques. No matter the size or shape you need, Royal Packaging are keen to help, with our paper bags including everything from bottle bags to take-away bags.

If you fancy a new generation of eco-friendly bags, which don’t rely on trees, consider our Stone Paper Carrier Bags. Waterproof and tear-resistant, they are 100% tree-free and recyclable. You can find out more about them here.

Let your bags do the talking in 2016.


Promotional Carrier Bags – 21st December 2015

Need promotional carrier bags for the January sales? Or perhaps you’re looking to transform your packaging in 2016?

Once Christmas is over, millions of shoppers will be looking to snap up a bargain. Your bag could therefore be exposed to thousands of eyes, whether being transported through the shopping centre or re-used later on. Whether you sell wine, food or homeware, Royal Packaging will make sure your promotional carrier bags stand out from the crowd.

In today’s competitive world, you need every tactic to make your brand stand out. If you’re giving out promotional products, it pays to give out products in a special bag. This will make your sample more memorable, while improving brand recognition at the same time.

Whether you need polythene bags, paper bags or environmentally-friendly bags, our promotional bags are always of the highest quality. We can also produce mailing boxes, customised gift boxes, pillow style boxes and garment covers.

Our minimum order for bags is only 250 for luxury bags. This makes us perfect for both small and larger businesses.

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Branded Carrier Bag Printing – 14th December 2015

2015: the year a 5p tax on plastic bags was finally introduced. With the latest Climate Change agreements, it is hardly surprising that this decision pre-dates such an important event. People have long realised the damage plastic bags do to the environment.

This means two things for companies: one, your bags are more likely to be reused; two, alternatively, you might want to consider fabric or paper bags instead.

If you want to make the leap from plastic to luxury paper bags, consider Royal Packaging’s quality products.

We offer every known option of branded bag, from plastic to fabric or luxury bags made from Kraft paper. All our bags are guaranteed to be the highest quality imaginable, whether you’re looking to package food, underwear or children’s toys. Our printing techniques will transfer your branding seamlessly onto the bag of your choice, and all are suitable for re-use.

The New Year is a great time to re-think your branding and packaging, especially if it bothered you during the Christmas period. Launch your new bag during the January sales and you could really make an impact. We can even deliver your new bags within 3-4 days, if needed.

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Background Music MP3s – 7th December 2015

Feel like your business or production is blending into the background?

Bring it to the forefront, with the best background MP3s. Music is one of the easiest ways to make any production or business truly shine, without spending extortionate amounts of marketing or advertising.

Music speaks what cannot be expressed, it stimulates our imagination and emotions, and even has the power to change our mood. By using the right background for your Christmas production or advert, you could make a real impact on your customers and audience.

At Royalty Free Tunes, you’ll find a huge range of copyright free music, which could bring your production or advert to life. Whether you need ambient, corporate, children’s, festive or pop music, you’ll find it all in our library.

All our songwriters have extensive experience and regular contact with film makers, producers, directors and companies, so all tracks are tailored to our client base.

You can even buy out the entire library for £599.

Next July will be our 10-year anniversary- why not celebrate with us in 2016?

Explore our library by clicking here.


Stone Petra Carrier Bags – 23rd November 2015

Looking to go greener? But don’t want to use paper?

Welcome to a new generation of eco-friendly bags, from Royal Packaging. With these bags you won’t have to worry about trees being felled in the name of your product.

Our 100% recyclable Stone Paper carrier bags are not only stylish, photodegradable and tear-resistant. Despite being extremely innovative, they cost the same as regular paper bags. Instead of being of paper, this material is made of mineral CaCO3 with a small percentage of non-toxic resin, which is soft and silky to the touch.

Since these bags are also so strong, they are ideal for heavier items like books.

Along with being recyclable, they also have a number of other winning attributes: Stone Petra bags are fire proof, waterproof and completely and utterly tree-free. They can be printed to the same high standards other bags can be, with either a single colour print or full colour process print.

With our fast delivery rates, these bags can be delivered in 3-4 weeks, or quicker if requested.

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Twisted Handle Paper Bags – 16th November 2015

In a twist over finding the right bags for your brand?

Consider our twisted handled paper bags this Christmas. Whether you want new packaging for the festive season, or are looking ahead for the January sales, our high quality bags are the perfect solution.

Twisted handled paper bags are not only environmentally friendly; they are a simple yet sophisticated choice for a wide variety of companies. Made from Kraft paper, this is an extremely popular choice, thanks to its stylish, functional and cost-effective qualities. Everywhere from food retailers to clothing stores and upmarket boutiques love this style of bag.

These bags are available in any number of colours and are available in weight between 100gsm and 110gsm. We can also offer thicker gsm, with an option of either glossy laminated material or coloured or cotton coated handles.

No matter the size of bag you need, our prices are highly competitive- for instance, we offer very competitive pricing on larger print runs. All products from Royal Packaging are manufactured to the highest standard.

For more about this product click here.


Non Woven Pp Carrier Bags – 9th November 2015

Now there is a 5p tax on plastic bags, all hail the rise of the environmentally friendly bag.

If you want to provide customers with a bag that will last for months, consider Royal Packaging’s non-woven Pp carrier bags. Made from a bi-product of oil, they are very much a ‘green’ option for any number of companies, from supermarkets to public bodies.

Not only re-usable, this type of bag is highly fashionable along with strong, durable and light-weight. In other words, the perfect alternative to a plastic bag. It’s guaranteed to accompany customers on all sorts of shopping trips, from the supermarket to Christmas gift buying, which means the maximum amount of exposure for your bag.

Available in any colour or design, its handles can be either short or long depending on your particular preferences.

Why not send us your artwork, so you can see what it looks like? All our bags are manufactured to the highest possible standards, so your brand is guaranteed to look first class.

Call 020 8150 3822 for more information.


Personalised Branded Logo Bags – 2nd November 2015

Is your shop preparing for the Christmas season? Or have you got a corporate Christmas event coming up?

Once you have the right decorations for your store- whether it’s a tree, paper chains or fairy lights- why not consider transforming your bags?

Launching brand new personalised bags are a great way to kick off 2016, especially if your logo needs a make-over. Thanks to the new 5p tax on plastic bags, your bag is also more likely to be re-used, especially if it has an attractive design.

At Royal Packaging we want to make your bags stand out this Christmas.

Whether you’re looking for paper or plastic bags, with handles which are die-cut, flexi looped, vest handled or duffle-style, you’ll find them all on our website. We can transfer your logo onto bags of all shapes and description, big or small.

With the retail sector more competitive than ever, it’s important every element of your business is first class, including your bags. Whether you specialise in shoes, make-up, wine, food or stationary, we’ll make sure that your bag screams quality.

Give your brand the royal treatment this Christmas.


Printed Designer Carrier Bags – 26th October 2015

If you work in retail you’re about to enter your busiest season.

At Royal Packaging we understand the importance of printed designer carrier bags. When consumers buy designer products they want everything right down to the packaging, to be luxurious and sophisticated.

Why not be environmentally friendly this Christmas, and sell your products in our rope handle luxury bags?

Printed in colour with two glossy sides, these bags are an unbelievable blend of quality and value for money. In fact, they’re so luxurious, they are a wonderful substitute for a gift box.

Order 250 bags and they are only £1.49 each; order 2000 and these luxury designer carrier bags are just 53p each. They are therefore one of the cheapest ways to promote a luxury shopping experience, whether for clothes or jewellery. We also offer a cheaper option made of Kraft paper, but for a true taste of sophistication, laminated art paper is highly recommended.

With the choice of rope or ribbon handled bags, it can strongly reflect your particular brand.

Request a call back today.


Promotional Carrier Bags – 19th October 2015

Got a promotional event this Halloween or Christmas? Imagine customers going away delighted with

With the 5p tax on plastic bags, it pays to invest in your promotional carrier bags. They are likely to be reused again and again by recipients and be seen everywhere. Particularly if it has a memorable design which customers like.

Royal Packaging will ensure both the design and packaging made your brand look great. Whether you want polythene, paper, fabric or gift boxes, our team will make sure your packaging looks first class.

If you’re holding a big promotional event, how about our rope handled bags? Stylish, practical and strong, they are ideal for any number of items. Your logo will be communicated in a clear and distinct way, along with giving customers a taste of luxury. Made with side and bottom gussets, you have the choice of PP rope, cotton or ribbon handles. Every little detail will reflect your particular brand, whether it’s sophisticated perfume or silk scarves.

Both super-looking and upmarket, order now and they will be ready in time for Christmas.

For more info click here.


Corporate Polythene Carrier Bags – 12th October 2015

No matter what you sell, whether it’s food, luxury underwear or shoes, you’ll require carrier bags. They’re also important for corporate events, whether it’s a university fair or business lecture.

With the introduction of the 5p bag tax, carrier bags are more likely to be re-used. So it’s important you choose the right packaging company. Nowadays your bags have the best possible chance of being seen, in supermarkets, clothes shops and the local high street. They are effectively your own walking billboard, without having to pay extra advertising costs.

At Royal Packaging our polythene carrier bags come in a variety of sizes, shapes and bespoke designs. Whatever your logo or colour, we will incorporate it onto quality packaging. From die-cut handled bags to clip close handled bags, packaging really is ‘our bag’.

Our services include fast delivery, professional advice, great quality and prices, small or larger quantities, and a wide variety of polythene carrier bags.

So whether you have a corporate event, or are preparing for the Christmas season, contact Royal Packaging today. We also specialise in environmentally friendly bags.

For more about our printed plastic bags click here.


Branded Paper Carrier Bags – 5th October 2015

Busy times are ahead for retail, with less than 80 days until Christmas. If your branded bags don’t look fun, distinctive or sophisticated, you’re missing some vital exposure for your brand.

England’s 5p charge for plastic bags came into effect, as of this Monday. With many shops now charging for plastic bags, more customers are likely to re-use your bags. Whatever your brand, your logo could be seen in busy supermarkets, by a wide demographic of customers.

If you fancy an environmentally-friendly choice this Christmas, consider Royal Packaging’s paper carrier bags. Available in a variety of styles, including twisted handled, taped handled, bottle bags and rope handle luxury bags, our paper bags suit a range of different brands.

In particular, our rope hand luxury bags are ideal for those special Christmas gifts. If you sell intricate jewellery, sumptuous clothes or perfume, it adds that vital touch of opulence which makes luxury brands stand out. With Royal Packaging, this type of bag can be customised to your taste and budget.

Available in both plain kraft paper and luxury gloss or matte paper, they always look super classy. For more about our branded paper bags, visit our website.


Branded carrier bags UK – 28th September 2015

Christmas is creeping closer, with less than 90 days to go. Shoppers will soon be flooding the high streets in search of treasures. Now is a great time to re-think your branded carrier bag.

With so many brands competing for attention, it’s one of the easiest ways to stand out. Presentation is important for any company’s image, and your branded bag is the most cost-effective marketing tool there is. In a way customers do the work for you, ensuring that your bag is seen once leaving the store.

People are also encouraged to re-use carrier bags nowadays. That means repeated exposure for your brand in supermarkets, where there’s a variety of potential customers.

It is also a thoughtful touch for promotional events. How many times have you left a commercial event, with a slick bag full of samples? It’s a satisfying feeling and makes any brand look good.

For branded carriers bags in the UK, pay a visit to Royal Packaging. Our expert team will transfer your branding to high quality packaging, seamlessly and expertly. Delivery is quick and available anywhere in the UK, with the option of Fast Track services.

For more about our brand bags, click here.


Corporate Carrier Bag Printing  – 14th September 2015

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But, with packaging, a brand is judged by its ‘cover’ and makes a big difference. It often reflects on the products themselves.

Is your packaging up to scratch? If packaging isn’t your ‘bag’, it probably should be. It’s one of the easiest ways to promote your brand. Both smaller independent retailers and large chains need quality carrier bags. A plain white bag says nothing about a company’s identity (other than implying it doesn’t have one!).

Royal Packaging create some of the best corporate carrier bags. From our designs and materials to our printing, our team take pride in exceptional packaging.

Our products include polythene, paper and eco-friendly bag in different shapes, styles and sizes. Whether you need luxury bags for jewellery or bottle bags for wine, we’ll ensure your packaging reflects the quality of the product. Our printing is guaranteed to use the most modern techniques.

For examples of corporate carrier bags, click here.


Branded Polythene Carrier Bags – 31st August 2015

Do you run a retail business? If so, you’ll know the importance of polythene bags. No matter the kind of product you sell, you will require this kind of packaging. It’s not only the best way to transport goods home, it’s your most powerful advertising tool.

Branded carrier bags are the easiest way to get your company seen. Think of how many times you see people carrying bags every day. Often, one particular bag will be seen by hundreds of people; that’s a lot of exposure for your name or logo. Although this option is slightly more expensive, it’s infinitely better than a plain bag. In the long run, it could bring in more business.

At Royal Packaging we create the finest branded carrier bags. Whether you require polythene or a more environmental option, like fabric bags, we are keen to help.

The type of bag you choose depends on a number of factors, including the weight and size of your products. There are also a number of different types of bag. Royal Packaging have all options of polythene bags, including various different handles, vest handle bags, duffle bags and bottle bags.

To discover our options click here.


Personalised Carrier Bags – 10th August 2015

When it comes to packaging, it pays to make it personal. Personalised carrier bags are a powerful advertising tool. Seen here, there and everywhere, they are more than functional items.

Royal Packaging are proud to design and produce the best personalised carrier bags. No matter your line of business we have bags to suit every type of company. Whether you want eco-friendly, luxury, paper, fabric or polythene, all types of material can be fully personalised. We want to represent your brand or shop in the best possible way; this is reflected in the superior quality of our bags.

Whether you require small or large quantities, Royal Packaging are keen to oblige. All orders are delivered quickly and produced for the best possible price.

If you’re after plastic carrier bags, we sell various different styles, including die cut handled, flexi looped handled, vest handled, rope handled and duffle-style bags. Every single one will be printed and personalised to the highest standards. If you’re not sure which bag will suit, our experts can advise you today.

All quantities of bags will be delivered within 3-4 weeks.

To discover more about our services, click here.


Customised Gift Boxes – 3rd August 2015

Does your business specialise in jewellery or intricate gifts? Or perhaps you sell luxury items?

If so, customised gift boxes could provide the finishing touch you need. This packaging is the best way to show customers you mean business.

Gift boxes are also an excellent way to promote your business, as they simply scream ‘quality’. When the recipient receives one, they tend to receive the best impression of a product. Particularly when they get to unwrap it from tissue paper, like an additional present. This is particularly true if a gift box is customised. Rather than having a plain or coloured box, printed boxes promote a lavish and sophisticated image.

For the best customised gift boxes, pay a visit to Royal Packaging.

Our custom boxes can be printed from just one colour to full colour specifications. We also give you the best possible choice of materials. All boxes are made with optimal strength, durability and presentation in mind. Our printing process also ensures all boxes have the ideal balance of quality and cost. If you’re working within a budget, we can also keep this in mind.

To discover more, simply click here.

Or call to discuss matters further on 020 8150 3822.


Clip Close Handle Bag – 27th July 2015

When you own a high street retail store, it’s important to stand out as much as possible. Your packaging could play a big part in this, especially yours bags.

For a striking bag design, why not consider Royal Packaging’s clip close handle bags?

This popular type of bag is not only stylish, but durable, high-strength and low-cost. The film thickness for clip close handle bags generally tends to be 75micron low density polyethylene, available in either bottom or side weld style with a wide variety of clip close handle styles available.

These bags are fitted with a reinforced clip closing strap, with handles made of two parts that clip together. This ensures maximum strength which makes them ideal for a variety of functional uses. They are also great for a number of marketing purposes. Handle styles can even be chosen depending on what application the bag is going to be used for.

Viewed as a luxury style of bag, this packaging is the best product for cosmetic, jewellery and fashion retailers. In terms of colours, print can be from one spot colour up to a full colour CMYK process print. We can manufacture them to suit your requirements in a variety of film colours.

With Royal Packaging, you can order these bags for your company in quantities from a 1000 upwards. To find out more, simply click here.


Where to Find Taped Handle Paper Bags – 20th July 2015

Want a stylish alternative to polythene bags? Popular with food and retail outlets, taped handled paper bags could be the perfect solution. Otherwise known as take-away bags, they are an extremely environmentally friendly choice.

Made of paper, unlike polythene, they are easily recyclable. Always a big bonus for any company! Polythene bags are one of the biggest problems cited by environmentalists. Churned out daily by companies, the common plastic bag simply isn’t biodegradable. Since take-away food is eaten instantly, it makes sense to have a bag equally expendable.

If you are searching where to source these bags, consider Royal Packaging. We aim to be your complete packaging solutions provider. And when it comes to bags, there’s not much we can’t do.

Our taped handle paper bags are made from 80-110gsm Kraft paper. Coming in either white or brown, they can be printed on either side and available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. We can print them in any colour you wish, including full colour and process print.

These bags are a fantastic blend of quality and value for money.

To discover more about them, simply click here.


Where to Purchase Corporate eco Friendly Bags – 13th July 2015

Like other types of bags, the eco-friendly variety make a statement about your company. In this respect they tend to make a very positive statement. Namely, that you care about the environment and are conscious of your company’s impact upon it.

Made with strong or synthetic materials, these bags are more than mere carriers of goods. They are an excellent way to advertise corporate products and events. Stylish as well as practical and durable, they are great way to promote important messages. Many companies give them out as promotional items at exhibitions.

Although it take more energy to produce eco-friendly bags, they last the equivalent of 52 disposable plastic ones. That’s a lot of trips to the supermarket or shopping centre, which means a lot of exposure for your message or brand name. And it goes without saying that your business will be helping the environment.

Are you looking where to purchase corporate eco-friendly bags? Our woven and non-woven bags are strong, lightweight and very stylish. In particular, our Woven PP carrier bags are perfect for businesses and organisations looking for a more responsible packaging solution.

Simply send us your artwork and we will show you how your bag will look. For more information, click here.

Branded Printed Bags – 6th July 2015

If you’re trying to create a strong and effective retail brand, it’s important to consider your packaging. Branded bags in particular are one of the most visually memorable parts of a business. Providing the maximum visual exposure for a bag, your logo could be visible to hundreds of other shoppers after leaving the store.

Unlike radio jingles or a magazine advert, a carrier bag is guaranteed to be seen all over the place. That’s why is vital that it’s well-designed and reflects the quality of your brand. It’s also less disposable than a magazine advert; a bag is likely to be re-used several times over the course of its life.

When one sees a supermarket chain’s bag, you normally experience instant brand recognition. With their distinctive logos, colours and patterns, distinguishing between the packaging of larger supermarkets can be done in a split second. This is the power of brand-recognition!

Does your company require branded printed bags?

Get the royal treatment on your packaging, with Royal Packaging. With us you have a huge choice of styles of bag to advertise your brand. These include plastic, paper, fabric and mailing bags. We will create your perfect packaging to impress and entice customers. Our team always go that extra mile to achieve optimal results.

To get the Royal Treatment today, simply click here.

Corporate Eco Friendly Bags – 29th June 2015

Unfortunately, plastic bags are one of the biggest problems for the environment. This is thanks to the simple fact they aren’t biodegradable; a plastic bag takes a whopping 1000 years to break down, and even then it’s toxic for soil and plants.

Although highly useful for those quick shopping trips, the production of such bags uses millions of gallons of petroleum. This could be better used for transportation and heating. Not only that, they pose a serious threat to marine animals and birds. Although they can be re-used, this only happens on a minority of shopping trips.  It’s been estimated bags re-used are deployed 51 times before being thrown away.

An eco-friendly bag meanwhile can last far longer. If you’re an ethical company, corporate eco-friendly bags are not only great for the environment, they’re ideal for promoting your image. Put simply, it’s a great way to get your company logo seen. Since they’re highly durable, these kind of bags are used all over the place.

For bags to be proud of, simply contact us at Royal Packaging. Our eco-friendly bags include Woven and Non-Woven PP carrier bags, which are both strong and practical.

Discover more today, by clicking here.

Branded Mailing Bags – 22nd June 2015

Mailing bags are one of the many ways packaging is used as a marketing tool. Highly visible to a wide scope of people, their importance shouldn’t be underestimated. Used for delivery purposes, they are a superb and cost-effective way to increase brand awareness.

If you require branded mailing bags, pay a visit to Royal Packaging. Our mailing bags are lightweight, waterproof and will be branded using the highest quality printing. Available in a variety of sizes, they are suitable for most sized products you wish to mail. They are also available in a number of different colours to suit your unique purposes.

At Royal Packaging, we want to ensure your bags look great, as well as being practical.  Made of LDPE or Co-ex film, there is also the option for die cut handles, perforation or additional adhesive tape. In terms of customised courier bags, there’s no better range of options.

Our aim is to guarantee that all our products are manufactured to the best possible standard, so that all our customers are 100% satisfied. Why not send us your artwork, so we can show you how your bag will look? Our sales team can then advise you on the best way forward for you.

To discover more about our mailing bags, simply click here.

Event carrier bags – 15th June 2015

Event carrier bags are a superb way to promote any company. This type of bag is ideal for exhibitions, events, marketing campaigns, promotional products and much more. Handed out left, right and centre, they are the most cost-effective advertising tool there is. If distributed at a corporate event, they are the easiest way to get your logo seen by hundreds of people.

If you want ‘bagging’ rights for your packaging, simply pay Royal Packaging a visit. We provide the royal treatment for all your packaging needs.

When it comes to event bags, it’s important your logo or text is clear, bold and seamlessly printed. This we can guarantee. If you’re looking for a bag which simply screams quality, why not plump for our Rope Handle Plastic Bags? With their side and bottom gussets, strong material and classy appeal, they will make any company look 100% professional.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a slightly more cost-effective bag, which is equally attractive, consider our Flexi Loop Handle bags. Comfortable to carry and easy to re-use, they are ideal for brand promotion.

Whatever style of bag you choose, we guarantee flawless quality.

To discover more, simply pay a visit here.

Printed Logo Carrier Bags – 8th June 2015

What do you think is the best place to advertise your logo? A billboard, magazine advert or website? In fact, if you’re a retailer, it could well be your carrier bag.

Far from merely practical modes of transporting goods, bags are an excellent advertising tool. If you want your logo to be seen everywhere and anywhere, by the most diverse range of people, printed logo carrier bags are key.

With the government having encouraged people to reuse bags, more and more people are keeping old bags. An eye-catching carrier bag really gets fellow shoppers’ attention. Since the logo is the most instantly recognisable aspect of any company, it’s perfect for branding bags. As the ‘face of a company’ they provide important brand recognition and a unique identity. Smaller companies often compromise on their logos, but it this may be a mistake. It can significantly impact the image of your business.

If you need printed logo carrier bags, Royal Packaging will really be your bag. We provide printed bags in a wide range of styles, with bespoke graphics to reflect your unique brand. These include polythene, paper, and fabrics bags, with the option of luxury, woven or non-woven varieties. We also provide packaging, such as mailing bags, pillow style boxes, customised boxes and garment covers.

Want to know more? View out catalogue today.

Luxury Logo Branded Carrier Bags – 1st June 2015

Luxury carrier bags are an excellent choice for a number of retailers.

The type of bag you use can really make a statement about your company. Designer brands and luxury items like cosmetics or sophisticated underwear are often like presents to oneself. To many customers unwrapping a beautiful product from tissue papers ensconced in a luxury bag is all part of the experience.

With their strong material and accessories, luxury bags promote a sense of high quality, sophistication and class. It’s no wonder so many designer fashion brands and jewellery makers use them. These bags will ensure your brand is advertised with style.

If you’re looking for luxury logo branded carried bags, simply use Royal Packaging. Our flawlessly designed luxury bags are available in both kraft paper of luxury gloss/matt laminated paper. One of truly popular option among these bags is the ribbon handled luxury carrier bags, or rope handled bags.

Almost all our luxury carrier bags have a form of personalisation: they are usually printed to a high standard ranging from a single colour print to a full colour process print with a laminated finish. We can also coat the printing with Spot UV varnish giving it an extra classy look.

Find out more here.

Company Carrier Bags with Logos – 25th May 2015

Company carrier bags could be your most important advertising tool. Versatile, portable and fun, a uniquely designed bag will make your company instantly memorable. Likely to be seen by a huge number of people, it’s the cheapest option for promotional purposes.

If you’re selling a sophisticated beauty brand, there’s nothing more mysterious and enticing than a black luxury bag with bright text. Or if you offer healthcare goods free from animal testing, you may want to opt for eco-friendly bags. For rich and classic wines, why not try a bottle bag with a beautiful logo? Or if you’re holding a company event, give away any free samples with a clean and simple bag, emblazoned with your logo. The possibilities are endless.

Choosing a good packaging company ensures your bags strongly reflect the nature of your business. For the best company carrier bags with logos, get straight to Royal Packaging. With us, all your packaging needs are in the bag. No matter the nature of your business, we’ll be on hand to create bags that are strong, resilient and look absolutely fantastic.

We also offer extremely speedy delivery on all orders. We deliver in only 3-4 weeks and there is a Fast Track option of 7-10 working days.

Don’t hesitate. Get in touch today.

Tailor Made Branded Logo Bags – 18th May 2015

Unique, colourful or inventive, packaging makes a big different to the perception of any business.

Logos in particular give your business an identity and are the most instantly recognisable aspect of any company. Who could forget HMV’s little dog with the gramophone? Or Pepsi’s all-American logo? If any brand is looking to move into the realms of the iconic, it will always need a distinctive brand.

With so many products competing for attention, branded bags could be your most valuable weapon. All customers are bombarded with packaging every day, but bags are the ones they’re most likely to reuse. With many environmental companies encouraging the repeat use of plastic bags, your bag is likely to be seen by a variety of people. After all, a brand is useless if it doesn’t connect with people in the right way.

Need tailor-made branded logo bags for your business?

If you want to stand out from your competitors, simply head to Royal Packaging. We are passionate about creating the perfect bag for your business – and can guarantee the royal treatment, from conception to delivery. Our products include Polythene Bags, Paper Carrier BagsNon-Woven and Woven Carrier Bags and Mailing Bags. We also provide Eco Friendly Bags and Customised Boxes, along with Garment Covers and Adhesive Labels.

To find out more about us, simply click here.


Personalised Branded Logo Bags – 11th May 2015

Personalised branded logo bags are staples of any great retail business.

Conveying your company image, heritage or ethos, they are the ideal mobile advertising product. And if you make them particularly eye-catching, they’re more likely to attract consumers’ attention when reused. A great packaging design can even become iconic when done well.

Carrying your brand in style, branded bags are more than mere transporters of goods. A few years ago, one woman even opened a ‘bag museum’ in New York, displaying retail bags that date back to the 1880s. Such an exhibit demonstrates how strongly such packaging reflects the zeitgeist. This was especially apparent when it came to a blue Bloomingdales bag from the 1960s. It also showed the range and breadth of bags there has been over the decades.

If you want the royal treatment, packaging-wise, simply head to Royal Packaging. We’re truly passionate about creating the perfect bag for your business. We produce a wide variety of styles regarding personalised branded bags, including polythene, paper, and fabric in a variety of guises. This includes luxury bags to well and truly spoilt you customers.

Whether your order is big or small, we will deliver. Get in touch today.


Bespoke polythene carrier bags – 27th April 2015

Bespoke carrier bags are not only practical, but excellent marketing tools. Polythene bags in particular can be distributed to customers in their hundreds, therefore becoming the most widespread advertising tool for your business. As the most commonly used type of bag, they are especially essential features of retail business.

If you need bespoke polythene carrier bags, Royal Packaging can produce perfectly designed, practical bags both you and your customers will love. We offer a variety of designs of polythene carrier bag to reflect the nature of your business. These include die-cut handle bags, patch handle bags, flexi loop handle bags, vest handle bars, rope handled and duffle style bags.

Whatever the size or fragility of your products, customers are likely to use these bags on numerous occasions. And whether you require 250 bags or more, we guarantee to deliver as fast and efficiently as possible. With a variety of colours, sizes and thickness, we’re guaranteed to create bags that are more than simply transporters of goods.

Our customers include boutiques, clothing businesses, perfumeries, chocolatiers, opticians, jewellers, events, groceries and much more. Whatever the nature of your business, we give all your packaging needs the royal treatment.


Where Can I Find Branded carrier bags? – 20th April 2015

Do you need branded carrier bags for your business? Not sure where to look?

Branding is an essential factor in any business. Since it gives your company a clear identity, your unique brand ought to be conveyed using a variety of mediums. This includes your logo, your website and social media experience, and even the way you answer your phone. If you work in retail, it’s especially important when it comes to your carrier bags. After all, the customer will deal with these from the point of purchase and, in likelihood, will reuse it quite frequently. Nowadays, branded carried bags are one of your most powerful advertising tools.

Good branding promotes recognition, helps set you apart from the competition and tells people about your business ‘DNA’. If you have branded carried bags, you’ll give your customers the full visual branding experience, especially if your bags are distinctive or colourful.

In order to find the best branded bags, simply head to Royal Packaging. Not only do we offer a wide variety of different thicknesses, sizes and colour of bags, there are numerous other reasons to use us. This includes our fantastic fast delivery, professional advice, great quality and cost-effective prices. Whether you need to order big or small, get in touch today.


Bespoke Corporate eco Friendly Bags – 13th April 2015

There are so many reasons to consider eco-friendly bags.

Plastic bags are numerous, overused and highly damaging to the environment. Made of a non-renewable natural resource (petroleum), they also lead to the diminishing availability of natural resources for other uses. Although durable enough to be reused four or five times, they don’t last a quarter as long as an eco-friendly bag. And since they’re non-bio gradable, if they end up in a landfill, the chances are they’ll stay there. That is, unless they’re burnt, which is even more devastating for the O-zone layer!

Eco friendly bags are one of the greatest way to limit the damage control of plastic-based products. Not only that, they’re also a better advertising tool for your company. Since an eco-friendly bag can last for at least 8 months, it’s likely to be seen by far more people than the disposable plastic variety. The BPMA even names them as the second most kept promotional product. Strong and practical, they’re a bag that can reflect the ethos of your company.

If looking for bespoke corporate eco-friendly bags, head to Royal Packaging. We have a variety of eco-friendly bags to suit your individual business needs, including woven bags, non-woven, cotton, and Jute. For more information on these products, take a look here.


Carrier Bags with Printed Logo – 9th March 2015

Do you want the royal service when it comes to packaging? A good quality bag is essential to the image of your company. Not only that, but a carrier bag can be the greatest advertising tool for your business. With plastic bags frequently being re-used, your business name is likely to be seen all over the place.

If you’re looking to get carrier bags with a printed logo, look to Royal Packaging. Big or small, we are determined to create the perfect product for your business. If you want packaging fit for a king, there’s no matter place to head than us. We have a wide range of different bags, all of which can be printed upon using the highest quality techniques. To us, quality doesn’t just matter-it is absolutely crucial. We want to guarantee optimal results and exceptional service every time.

Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly, luxury, paper or polythene, you can be ensured your logo, and any accompanying image or information, will look both professional and attractive. From rope handled bags to duffle style bags, twisted handle bags to woven bags, you’ll find them all at Royal Packaging.

Check out our range here.


Purchase Branded Carrier Bags Online – 23rd February 2015

One of the fastest ways to gain brand recognition is to make your logo seen. There’s no better way to do that than through promotional branding. Add your logo to whatever you can and make sure it gets out in public, and soon more and more people will start seeing your company as established, legitimate, and trustworthy.

The easiest way to do this is by branding the bags that you give to your customers. Branded carrier bags are inexpensive and highly visible.

In every street, mall, and marketplace, the average person sees dozens of logos flashing at them from the bags of other shoppers. Whether they recognize it or not, they stick in their memory and make them feel like the companies behind those logos are more respectable. Shouldn’t your logo be among the ones they remember?

Royal Packaging offers a huge variety of bags that you can brand with even the most complex logo. Most models can be printed with up to eight colors.

Get your design on your shop’s bag and start turning heads. Purchase branded carrier bags online now!


Quality Branded Carrier Bag Suppliers – 2nd February 2015

If you require high-quality personalised carrier bags for your company, take a look at Royal Packaging. Royal Packaging offer exceptional printed carrier bags that help you to market your company prosperously, and their flexible serviced mean that you no order is too big or small for the team. The team offer a diverse selection of bags, from PR woven bags, plastic bags, paper bags and everything in between and you can get in touch with them at any time if you have any queries about their products and services. More and more companies are choosing Royal Packaging all the time after seeing what they have done for other businesses.

Bags of Real Quality

Royal Packaging are waiting to hear from you if you’re looking for quality bags tailor-made for you and your business. A huge selection of colours, designs, handles and materials are on offer, with the company’s clients including boutiques, opticians, clothing businesses and grocery suppliers to give just a few examples. The company’s lack of overheads means that they are able to make exceptional savings and pass them onto you, so why not get in touch with them today? Head to the home page to find out more.

High Quality Corporate Luxury Carrier Bags – 26th January 2015

Sometimes businesses overlook areas where they could be gaining more brand exposure. There are always places where a brand name or logo could be displayed – often on everyday items – and sometimes it only becomes obvious when we see it in action. For example, do you customers buy a product and carry it out of your shop in a bag? If so, is your company name on the bag? If not, you are missing out on the opportunity to get your brand seen by many more people than it currently is.

At Royal Packaging you can buy high quality luxury corporate carrier bags that represent your company and serve as a marketing tool. Well made from a choice of fine materials and available in a variety of designs, have your logo and brand name applied to your bags, and allow your customers to help you gain greater exposure. It’s simple, effective and tried and tested, and Royal Packaging has great prices and a friendly, welcoming service designed to help you further your brand and advance your business while adding practicality to the service.


Where to Get Branded Carrier Bags – 19th January 2015

Are you a shop or business owner who is looking for ways to promote your brand? If so, you need to know where to get branded carrier bags, for this is one of the easiest methods of getting your name seen. Branded carrier bags can be used to pack goods for your customers and are a neat and affordable idea, and Royal Packaging specialise in creating branded bags of all kinds for a wide variety of clients. Offering a perfect combination of top quality and great prices, they can help you from the design process onwards.

You can choose from a range that includes polythene bags, eco-friendly bags, paper bags and woven carrier bags, as well as a range of customised boxes, PP Non-woven carrier bags, garment covers and mailing bags. The Royal Packaging range is comprehensive and covers all you possible requirements, including personalised luxury rope-handle carrier bags . With plenty of choice in terms of colour, size and style, why not get in touch with Royal Packaging right now and see how branded carrier bags can make a difference for your brand?

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