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Christmas is just months away. For average individuals, it’s far too early to think about Christmas shopping. However, businesses that plan to serve these customers and capitalise on the shopping frenzy need to start preparing now. This involves placing surplus orders to get the product inventory up to speed. This also entails buying printed customized boxes to match your shop’s Christmas branding theme.


Why Shops Need to Buy Christmas-Themed Customised Boxes

If you think about it, Christmas gifts are all about the packaging. Customers are much more likely to react positively to gifts that come in beautiful boxes.  The primary reason for that is purely practical. These customised boxes are easy to wrap using gift paper. Apart from the wrapping convenience, gift-wrapped boxes look like quintessential Christmas gifts and thus items that come with boxes tend to sell more.  

In a scenario where two competing shops with the same products and a similar number of equally enthused Christmas shoppers, the shop that has Christmas themed customised boxes for all their gift items is likely to generate more business.

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Royal Packaging Customised Boxes

Customised Boxes Are Ideal for Christmas Corporate Gifting

Sending out hundreds of corporate gifts is no trivial task. It takes months of careful planning to ensure the gifts you select match the company’s stature as well as its budget. Unfortunately, most managers who are responsible for sending out corporate gifts need to work within a stringent budget. If you oversee sending out boxes of gifts for your company to clients, customers, and employees then you need to figure out ways to save cost without compromising quality.

Branded gift boxes with company logos instantly boost the appeal of the gifts. While most gift shops have a great selection of giftable items they seldom sell custom boxes to go with the products. Therefore, one of the best ways to prepare for a corporate gifting campaign is to buy gifts and boxes separately. Buying the boxes separately and in bulk also helps you save money. Mainly because most box-and-gift combos are priced way more than the value of the two items combined.


Why You Need to Order Gift Boxes Early

While Christmas day is months away, you need to realize that bulk of the Christmas shopping happens early November. If you are planning a marketing campaign to attract Christmas shoppers, you need to restock your inventory by mid-October. Now, most experienced shop owners restock their inventories at that time. However, there are two good reasons to get your boxes in a few weeks before that.

Supply and Demand: The Months leading up to Christmas is the time to shop, not just for average individuals, but also for shops who want to target those customers. This heightened demand often results in inflation of prices. To escape the price rise, it’s best to shop early and stock up when the demands are still low.

You Can Start Selling Early: A lot of shops in the UK don’t have their Christmas inventory up for sale till mid-November. This is a grave mistake as it causes them to lose out on customers who prefer to shop early to avoid the Christmas shopping madness.

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