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Need to order paper bags wholesale?

Paper bags are increasingly popular with retailers, not only thanks to their green credentials; but because customers naturally love them. Unlike their plastic counterparts, they don’t have to find that fiddly 5p for traditional paper bags. They’re also easy to recycle and often strong enough to be reused.

One of the oldest forms of carrier bags, paper bags can now be much stronger than you expect. Think of the Primark bags and how easy they are to re-use. They also look smart and attractive, especially if you choose luxury paper bags, which are great for high-end fashion.

Paper Bags Wholesale

From Royal Packaging, you’ll find the highest quality paper bags can be ordered in large quantities, for the best possible prices. Buying paper bags wholesale can be a huge money saving opportunity for your business.

We stock a huge variety of different paper bags, including Twisted Handle bags, Taped Handle bags, Bottle bags and Rope Handle Luxury bags. Available in a number of different sizes and shapes, these are bags which will boost the reputation of your brand.

Whether your bags are for jewellery, lingerie or food, you’ll find a bag to suit you.

Purchasing paper bags wholesale has never been easier – just order your paper bags here!

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