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Why Choose Paper Bags For Your Business?

Want to switch from paper to plastic for your bags? Whether for a shop, business or event, Royal Packaging can create any style of paper bag. Big, small or medium, our paper bags are a classy way to package your goods.

From rope handled bags to take-away bags, Royal Packaging can cater for any type of company.

An excellent alternative to polythene bags, paper is perfect for companies looking to go greener in 2016. They will also save customers money, as they won’t have to pay 5p if they forget their Bags for Life.

Paper Bags

Taped Handled Bags combine quality and cost-effectiveness.

All our printed paper bags can be ordered wholesale, for highly competitive prices, including our Taped Handle Bags. Personalised just for you, these beautiful paper bags will complement everything from stationary to jewellery.

You can purchase these paper bags wholesale from only 0.16p per bag (for orders of 10,000). With Royal Packaging, the more you order the less you pay per bag. Available in white or brown paper, with a wide range of colours, you’ll find one to perfect suit your business.

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