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Whether you sell luxury underwear or greeting cards, paper bags can be made just as strong, attractive and versatile as plastic.

Since paper can be much more easily recycled, it’s considered the environmentally friendly choice. They are also usually more affordable than polythene bags. Paper bags also arguably look more attractive than those made of plastic: they don’t have that crinkle effect, and printing is clear and less likely to wear off.

Take-away bags can be printed on both sides.

Paper Carrier Bags For Any Business In The UK

If you’re after take-away bags, consider our Flat-taped Handle Paper Carrier Bags. Available in brown or white Kraft paper, these bags can be printed on both sides. Often used by food outlets and boutique retailers, they can be printed in up to six colours.

Or if you’re looking for an elegant and stylish bag, consider our Die-cut Handle Carrier Bags. Effortlessly swanky, these bags are ideal for retail store and clothing boutiques. These bags provide plenty of space for your branding or logo.

All our paper bags will be personalised for your particular business. Attract customers by maximising your advertising exposure.

Why not send us your artwork? You can see what your bag would look like.

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