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Personalised Canvas Bags: How Are They Different from Cotton Bags

Reusable cotton bags are definitely in the spotlight and are well on their way to significantly reduce the use of single-use grocery bags. As customers become more aware, shopkeepers have no choice but to follow suit.

If you are a shop owner, then you have a few choices. You can turn to jute, canvas, or cotton. The fact that canvas and cotton are not the same may come as news to some people. In this post, we take a detailed look at how personalised canvas bags are different from regular cotton bags


The Core Difference

A lot of people think that canvas is a type of material. Some even believe that canvas is a synonym for cotton. Both of these are pure myths. Yes, canvas bags can be made from cotton fibres but that’s not what makes canvas, canvas. The truth is canvas is a type of weave and it can be made using a lot of different types of fibres, not necessarily cotton. Personalised canvas bags can be made from linen which is derived from flax plants or can be made from cotton fibres. Some canvas carrier bags are even made from hemp fibres, which are extracted from cannabis plants.

One of the key advantages of canvas bags, when compared to other reusable carrier bag types, is that they are highly durable. The tight weaving technique of making canvas typically produces materials that have high tensile strengths. This is one of the reasons why canvas is used to make tents, which by nature has to endure rough weather conditions.  Therefore, personalised canvas bags are inherently stronger than other carrier bags.


Cotton vs Canvas

Now, that we have established that canvas bags are more durable. Let’s check out how it fairs with cotton on 3 basic key parameters.


Biodegradability: Canvas bags are made from natural fibres, hemp, cotton, or linen. This means they have the same degree of biodegradability as the material they are made from. For example, a cotton bag and a canvas tote bag made from cotton fibres will take the same time to degrade. Overall, canvas bags are supremely biodegradable.

Price: Personalised canvas bags are typically more expensive than regular cotton bags. However, it makes up for its higher price-tag by being more durable. This means if you plan on using a reusable bag, a canvas bag would typically last you much longer. If you are a shop owner looking to give away carrier bags to customers, the best approach is to buy in bulk quantities. Ordering in bulk saves you more money per bag.

Customizability: There is a reason why canvas is a popular medium for paintings. The material’s interwoven texture holds on to colour really well. Whether it’s printed upon or drawn on, colours on canvas don’t typically bleed.  The ink or the paint also do not flake away after drying. The natural shade of the material coupled with its paint-holding properties, make canvas bags highly customizable. Retailers can get their company logos and taglines printed on canvas bags and can expect them to last for years to come.

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