Rope Handle Luxury Bags

If you are looking for printed paper bags for an event, your shop or business, then we can help. Paper bags are one of the oldest and most welcomed forms of carrier bags globally, whether its for food, postcards, Jewelry, Lingerie, cosmetics, high end fashion, luxury goods or showcasing your company or event as a top end brand we at Royal Packaging have got a product for you.Our paper bags are available in number of sizes, shapes and more. You have a choice of taped, twisted or rope handles.

Laminated carrier bags are a luxury bag that are used by some of the most upmarket retail stores, these bags are a popular choice with many retailers thanks to their smart and modern appearance, so if you want a bag that has a little something extra, a laminated bag is the one for you.

Both are a very popular carrier bag and although they are more expensive than our kraft bags and our polythene bags, they are a more stylish and more durable version of these bags; hence their popularity.

The die cut handle bags are designed to carry light-weight items and are a cheaper alternative to the cord handle bags, whereas our cord handle bags are designed to hold slightly more. This means that there is a laminated carrier bag which is perfect for a range of purposes; whether you need small or large, for light-weight or heavier items, you needn’t compromise on style.

So if you are looking for a stylish, high quality bag then our laminated carrier bags are perfect for you, no matter what your needs
More classy stylish and expensive.

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