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Why Boutique Brands and Premium Retailers Need Printed Luxury Paper Bags


Imagine a customer walking into a luxury watch outlet. Everything from the decor to the watches themselves has a premium look. Now, picture the disappointment on the customer’s face when his recently-bought “luxury” watch is handed over to him inside a cheap plastic bag. That single moment can spoil the entire shopping experience and prevent him from returning back.


This is why if you own a premium boutique outlet or if you sell expensive items at your shop, you need to invest in printed luxury paper bags. If you are still undecided, the following are a few reasons why you need luxury paper bags for your premium retail outlet.


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Lives Up to the Brand Perception: One of the reasons why luxury items sell, is that loyal customers know that the brand in question will never cut corners to save a few bucks. Premium brands have forever valued quality over affordability. Now, giving away a cheap grocery bags instantly breaks that perception. It may even make customers wonder if the items they are buying are authentic or not. Luxury bags are made from high-quality Kraft paper and are specially laminated to be given that premium sheen. They also come with coloured rope handles that match the colour of the bag. The overall heft and feel of these printed luxury paper bags are on par with the luxuriousness of the products.


Keeps the Product Safe from Damage: One of the more practical reasons to pack an expensive item inside a premium carrier bag is that it keeps the item safe. There is a reason why luxury watches come with special rectangular boxes and a tiny pillow. The laminated surface of the printed luxury paper bags resists moisture damage. The high-quality kraft paper coupled with the polypropylene lamination grants these bags superior durability. This completely eliminates the chances of the bag snapping and compromising the safety of the precious cargo.  


Improves Brand Visibility: In a crowd of similar-looking grocery bags, printed luxury paper bags are instantly noticeable. Customers proudly carry these bags in malls and in parking lots. Wherever they go the bag and the brand logo instantly draws attention. Impressed by the premium packaging, people wondering inside the shopping complex may subconsciously decide to check out the shop and make a purchase.


Customer Often Reuse These Bags: We humans have a hard time throwing away anything that looks beautiful. It’s in our nature to horde things that look remotely attractive to us. This is why we have cabinets full of memorabilia and gift items. Another reason why people don’t throw away luxury bags is that it reminds them of the day they purchased something expensive for themselves or for a loved one. This invariably means that these bags are often reused or they simply stick around the house. As long as the bag is not discarded it continues to promote the brand. The laminate layer of these printed luxury paper bags also helps in protecting the design. This means the brand and the logo continue to look great years after the bag is brought home.


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