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4 Fundamental Tips to Get the Most out of Your Printed Carrier Bag Design

There is no denying the fact that printed bags are a great way of getting more eyes on your brand. Unfortunately, the streets are full of people carrying printed carrier bags with company logos on them. This means you need to allow your creative juices to flow when designing a custom carrier bag for your shop. No one’s really going to take the time to study every little detail of your carrier bag if it’s unremarkable. shutterstock_530963695To capture your audience’s imagination, you need to create a design that impresses in milliseconds. Your printed bags need to appeal to the visual cortex of the brain and imprint the logo and brand into your customers’ minds. If you have the budget, consider hiring a professional designer who knows what he or she is doing. To ensure you understand the basics, following are a few fundamental tips for creating a great design for your custom carrier bag.


Trim Down the Text: This one’s an obvious tip but something that’s very important. As mentioned before, you need to make sure your carrier bag looks visually stunning. Text-heavy designs often look too cluttered and thus compromise the beauty of the bag. There is also a practical reason for keeping the text count low. When a customer notices a beautiful carrier bag on the street, he or she only gets a few seconds of time to glance at it. This means, most people will simply not get enough time to read a long sentence. This is why it’s often recommended to just include your company logo (which can be a text) and maybe a small one-liner.


Don’t Ignore the Handle: From die-cut handles to rope handles, there are more than a few material and colour options to choose from. Pick a handle that best complements the overall design. You can even incorporate the handle into the design and create something unique. No matter what, you should always take time to evaluate how a particular handle option plays with the design of the carrier bag.


Use Complementary Colours: Using colours that complement each other so that the overall design pops are the basics of creating any artwork. A quick Google search about colour schemes should leave you with a long list of colours that go well together. Chances are you already have a logo and background that all your existing customers recognize. If that’s the case, make sure the design uses those same exact colours so that customers can easily connect the printed carrier bags with your store.


Make Use of Three Colours: To give your design that extra pop, make it a point to not use more than three colours. In fact, most good designers insist on using three colours. It’s called the triadic colour scheme, where one colour is used as the primary background colour, a secondary colour is utilized for logos and texts, and finally a colour for all the accents. Using three colours or less makes sure the overall artwork looks clean and professionally done.   


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