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Branded Carrier Bags: 5 Ways They Help Promote Your Shop

If you own a store, then you probably already offer carrier bags to your customers. Whether it’s plastic, paper, or cotton, customers expect shopkeepers to keep a supply of bags. This way they can easily pick up things whenever they want without having to carry a bag all the time. While keeping a stock of carrier bags at the store is an operational necessity, you can possibly kill two birds with one stone.

Green Going Greener with Eco-friendly Paper Bags


Bags make a great medium to showcase your brand. When customers carry stuff inside printed carrier bags on the road it automatically gets more eyes on the brand. If you are a shop owner who is still giving out blank plastic bags, then here are 5 reasons you need to switch to branded carrier bags.


Looks Professional: Handing out blank plastic bags to customers seem a bit unprofessional. A branded plastic bag looks aesthetically pleasing and it shows your customers that you are willing to get the little things right. While customers would not complain when receiving unbranded carrier bags, they often subconsciously form a poor opinion. This is mainly because even small local stores offer printed bags to customers and thus a blank bag invariably seems a bit odd.


Bags Get Reused: While some people throw away store carrier bags as soon as they get home, others like to reuse them. More so when stores give out reusable carrier bags such as cotton or jute carrier bags, which are meant for repeated use. This means the printed bags and the logos on them get more visibility and thus help promote your brand better.


They Help Boost Walk-Ins: The human brain works in mysterious ways. People are often influenced to do things just because others are doing it. In fact, this psychological phenomenon is so common that they actually have a name for it. It’s called social proof. According to experts, people often consider others to be more knowledgeable than they are and thus prefer to follow certain actions. What does all that have to do with branded carrier bags? Well, when people on the road see your store’s carrier bags being carried by others they feel the need to check out your store and repeat the action.


Highly Affordable: If you own a small store you probably have a limited marketing fund. This means TV ads and billboards are simply out of the question. Thankfully, unlike other marketing expenses, getting custom carrier bags for your store is highly affordable. When calculating the cost of branded bags, you should always subtract the money you already spend buying regular bags. That way you know how much extra you’re paying for the printed bags.


You are Giving Out Bags Anyways: This is probably the most convincing reason for getting branded carrier bags for your store. You are already spending money buying regular carrier bags. Why not invest a bit extra so that they can serve a dual purpose? Carrier bags serve a practical function and thus printing on them is a subtle yet effective way of promoting your brand.

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