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Printed Mailing Bags: Why Every Online Seller Needs Them

Online businesses that sell their products on giant e-commerce websites such as Amazon and eBay, often struggle to establish their own brand identity. This is mainly due to the fact that these websites are often full of distractions. Even when customers are on the product page, they are distracted by sections dedicated to sponsored products and banner ads. Bombarded by brands, offers, and products, the customer never really gets the opportunity to connect with your brand. The problem is even customers who buy a certain product often fail to remember the brand’s name due to lack of proper branding.


Printed mailing bags offer the offline branding real estate that helps thousands of online sellers to make a positive impression. Apart from carrying their product in a waterproof durable housing, these custom mailing bags can grab a customer’s attention when they are most receptive.

mailing bags 27 Reasons All Online Sellers Should Invest in Printed Mailing Bags


Targets Customers When They Are Paying Attention: Unboxing a product after receiving it from the courier person is a sacred moment. This is a time when customers pay full attention to every little branding detail. A cleverly designed mailing bag finds the customer undistracted and is thus able to create maximum impact.


Brand Visibility On Route:  Branded mailing bags are not just for customers to see. When being carrier by package delivery guys, it’s noticed by people on the road and at security checkpoints. The bag and its custom design are noticed by many while it’s on its way to the customer’s address.


Increase Chances of Social Media Shares: People share pics and videos of things they are impressed by on social media platforms. Snaps of an innovatively designed mailing bag along with the product itself has the potential feature on people’s Instagram feeds and Facebook walls.  


Converts One-Time Buyers to Loyal Customers: When a customer decides to buy a product online, he or she inadvertently sets an expectation. Businesses need to thrive to not only meet this expectation but surpass it. Every time a business does that it gives itself a chance of earning a loyal customer. Transporting the product inside a professionally-designed mailing bag ensures the product makes the right first impression.


It’s an Affordable Marketing Tactic: Unlike buying banner ads or investing in billboard spaces, branded mailing bags are pretty affordable. There is absolutely no other expense other than the cost of buying these bags.


Opportunity to Feature in Unboxing Videos: Unboxing videos are quite the rage nowadays. Independent YouTubers often buy products online or get them for free from companies to do unboxing videos. They often spend precious minutes talking about the packaging and the logo the product comes in. This means products packed inside printed mailing bags often get a lot of eyes on the brand.


They Are Practical Packing Supplies: Let’s not lose sight of the fact why businesses need mailing bags in the first place. They reduce packing time and ensure the product reaches its destination without damage. The logistical advantage combined with its marketing potential is what makes branded mailing bags a must-buy for all online sellers.

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