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Printed Paper Bags For Any Company

Paper bags nowadays are not only ultra-stylish; they’re also much more environmentally friendly than plastic bags, which have even been banned in a number of countries. Here in the UK, plastic bags are still used, but now cost 5 pence every time they’re used. However, countries like Kenya, South Africa and Ethiopia have all had them banned.

At Royal Packaging you can have artwork printed on any type of bag, including our fabulous paper bags.

Whether you’re after twisted handles, die-cut handles or luxury rope handled bags, Royal Packaging provide the highest quality printing methods. Our paper bags are suitable for everything from luxury clothing to jewellery, food or children’s toys.

Printed Paper Bags

Many of the larger retailers use paper bags, including Primark with their iconic brown bags. It’s easier than ever to create strong, well-printed paper bags, that last longer that you expect. For instance, our luxury paper bags are extremely durable and can even handle heavier items. Despite common misconceptions, this type of bag can be re-used. Extremely stylish, these bags are ideal for high-end luxury brands.

Available in any size or shape, with a huge choice of handles, the team at Royal Packaging can create your perfect bag.

There’s more information about our branded paper bags here

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