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Make Your Brand Look Amazing With Printed Polythene Bags

Want to watch the world carry your brand?

At Royal Packaging, you can buy printed polythene bags for much less. With our wholesale prices, the more you buy the more you save on each bag.

We also offer every type of bag there is, including eco-friendly bags, paper bags and polythene bags. With our amazing prices, beautiful bags are much more accessible for even the smallest retail businesses.

Printed Polythene Bags

Why choose printed polythene bags?

Although they’re not the most environmentally friendly choice, there are a number of advantages to using plastic bags. Printed polythene bags are likely to re-used more than paper, and remain the most popular choice for most retailers. They are waterproof, resistant to chemicals, strong and come in various different densities, and are generally less permeable than paper bags.

So, whether you sell food or jewellery, it’s less likely to be damaged on the way home.

At Royal Packaging our polythene bags cover all types of handles and can be printed with any logo or artwork. Our three most popular types of plastic bags for wholesale customers include the patch handle, flexi-loop handle and duffle bags.

Here you can find more information about ordering our Polythene Bags.

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