Flexi Loop Handle Carrier Bags

Often branded as ‘Bags for Life’ are both strong and attractive making them an excellent bag for brand promotion. These re-usable carrier bags are often made from 100% recycled plastic. Therefore, they are great for promoting an environmentally friendly message to your consumers.

Our Flexi Loop Handle Carrier Bags are an attractive packaging solution and comfortable to carry. Flexi Loop Handle Carrier Bags have become very popular with supermarkets around the UK where they are often branded as ‘Bags for Life’. With durable, reinforced handles made from thick polythene welded to the inside of the bag, this carrier bag is the ultimate solution. The polythene folded in from the top and welded across provides additional strength to the handle area. The loop handles allow full bag usage whilst also being comfortable to hold. These bags can have a bottom gusset or both side and bottom gussets, which can be printed on. Cardboard support for the bottom gusset is also available; providing extra sturdiness. These carrier bags are available in standard polythene or as biodegradable polythene for no extra cost; biodegradable must be stated at time of order. Biodegradable bags have a shelf life of approximately 18 months, exposure to light can affect this time so we suggest that they are kept in dark storage. We can print in single or multicolour. Film options vary from standard 50 micron, to 75 micron. Flexi loop carrier bags can be printed up to 8 colours on a range of over 30 polythene colours including “frosted” films in LDPE and HDPE. In addition to our standard sizes, we can manufacture flexi loop handled bags made bespoke to your requirements, so you can choose the exact size you want. Here at Royal Packaging our aim is to insure that all our products are manufactured to the best possible standard so that all our customers are 100% satisfied. If you have any questions regarding your customisable options don’t hesitate to call our friendly and helpful sales team. Send us your artwork so we can show you how your bag will look like Call us on 020 8150 3822 to discuss your requirements and a member of our sales team will gladly advise you on the best option for you.