Stone Paper

Royal Packaging is introducing a new generation of eco-friendly tree-free 100% recyclable Stone Paper Carrier bags. These are waterproof and tear-resistant – being perfect for books and heavy items, also unique for its soft silky smooth feeling.

Stone Petra Paper is a new generation of eco-friendly material and is an excellent tree-free alternative to traditional paper. Stone Paper Carrier bags are made of a mineral (CaCO3 ) together with a small percentage of the non-toxic resin. The source of the calcium carbonate debris get collected from marble quarries and waste and reduced to a fine white calcium carbonate powder. There is no use of water or other harmful chemicals such as acid or bleach involved in the production thus creating zero water or air pollution. It is 100% recyclable. Have a look into advantages of natural Stone Paper, to find out what a gem it has become in helping to save our forests, oceans, and our planet. Being fire resistant and waterproof, 100% tree-free, creating no water or air pollution, are photo-degradable and easily recyclable. Stone Paper is a complete alternative to paper and therefore can replace almost all paper-based products. Petra stone bags feel soft and silky smooth to touch. Almost all luxury carrier bags have some form of personalisation, they are usually printed to a high standard ranging from a single colour print to a full-colour process print with a laminated finish, and we can also coat the printing with Spot UV varnish giving it an extra classy look. Our Luxury carrier bags are manufactured in various standard sizes but we can always try to meet your requirements. We supply all types of luxury carrier bags made in both paper and plastic and all of the possible derivations, we can literally supply whatever you are looking for but certain options are only available with certain types of bag. Don’t forget our fast delivery lead time, we can get you these luxury Stone Paper Carrier Bags  in no longer than 3-4 weeks and even quicker options are possible when requested, the best way for you to make your final decision about which luxury carrier bags to purchase, is to speak to us directly and we will be able to assist and advise you about all of the various options including availability, delivery times and prices. Request a Quote or give us a call on 020 8150 3822.