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Many shops in the UK are migrating from regular plastic bags to cotton or fabric bags. These branded cotton bags are highly sought after and most customers don’t mind the extra cost. While a lot of premium shops offer free cotton carrier bags with every purchase, many grocery shops are also finding a use for these bags. Instead of giving them away for free, many supermarkets and local grocery shops now feature a stand for reusable cotton bags. These are a great option for customers who don’t want to use plastic bags but have forgotten to bring along their reusable bags.

Much like most products, when you order custom cotton bags in bulk you get a better rate per bag. However, that doesn’t mean you should always order 1000 bags or more. There are scenarios where ordering more is not recommended. Similarly, there are times when ordering too less can be a problem. In this post, we help you figure out how to accurately order the right quantity of branded cotton bags for your shop.


What Sounds Good in Your Head May Not Be Good at All: Inexperienced shopkeepers often order a number of bags that sounds good in their head. More often than not, they end up overestimating their need. Veteran shopkeepers never guess a number. They look at their shop’s inventory data to find out how many bags they gave out last year and then make a calculated decision. Your takeaway from this point should be to always go by the sales figures of previous years, instead of blindly coming up with a number.


Consider Your Storage Options: Even if you get the best deal, ordering more cotton bags than you can store is never a good idea. All those extra savings would not account for anything if the bags get damaged to due to improper storage. Carefully evaluate how much storage space you can spare for the bags and order accordingly.


Times When Ordering Too Much Is Not Good: If you are promoting a temporary discount or an offer, it’s best to order a moderate amount. Order 10 percent more than you expect to give out. For example, if you want to order Christmas-themed cotton bags that display “50% flat discount” then it’s best to be conservative. Mainly because it creates a negative impression when those same bags are given to customers well after the holiday season. It’s also a great idea to order a sample batch of say 250 or even a 100 if you are not sure if you have a customer base for branded cotton bags.


Sometimes It’s Necessary to Order in Bulk: Order in large quantities when you know you are going to run out of the bags within 6 or 7 months. It’s also best to order bulk quantities when reordering your shop’s everyday cotton carrier bags. Take into account the first two points when placing bulk orders for branded cotton bags.


Calculating How Much of What Sizes to Order: There is an easy way to figure out how many quantities of bags you need per size. If you are migrating from plastic bags, then just look up the data of how many plastic bags you used up last year. Most shops keep a stock of 2 to 3 sizes of plastic bags, so you would need the same sizes if you completely shift to cotton carrier bags.

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