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One of the most trusted branding mediums for small shops is plastic shopping bags. Shop owners thus need to regularly replenish their stock. If you are a smart business owner, you already know that you need to do whatever it takes to reduce your shop’s recurring expenses without compromising quality. In this post, we reveal 6 simple tips to save money when you are looking for plastic shopping bags for sale.


Order Them Online: Ordering custom plastic retail bags online saves you the trip and the associated cost and effort. Online ordering also grants you greater customizable options and material choices. It would be much more tedious going shop to shop finding the type of bag you need. Therefore, save yourself the shipping and travel cost and browse through our plastic bag’s selection from the comfort of your home.  


Select the Right Type of Bag: When you have a small shop that sells groceries, buying anything more than super-affordable disposable grocery bags is a waste. The vest-style plastic carrier bags are your best option. Only upgrade to more expensive plastic bag options if you can pair them with more expensive products.

Vest Handle Carrier Bags
Vest-Handle Carrier Bags

Get the Order Quantities for Each Size Right: Many shop owners are guilty of ordering too much of a particular size of bags. Study your stock report to try and figure out how many bags of what sizes you had last month. This will help you figure out the quantities of bags you need to order for each size. Getting the ratio of quantities right when ordering plastic shopping bags will prevent you from reordering mid-month.


Stop Giving Them Away for Free: If the popular saying “a penny saved is a penny earned” has any validity then it should also be valid the other way around. If you cannot save money buying plastic bags you can at least sell them and consider that as savings. Asking customers to pay for plastic shopping bags is no longer frowned upon. Mandated by law in many parts, most customers don’t mind paying extra for carrier bags.


Buy Bulk: The cost of each plastic shopping bag goes down as you order more. If you own a grocery shop and have no intentions of changing the plastic bag design, then you should always buy bulk. Use the plastic bag’s poor biodegradability to your advantage by buying bulk and storing them. Unlike biodegradable bags, plastic shopping bags look brand new even after years of storage.


Start a Plastic Recycling Program: Setting up a recycling program for plastic shopping bags is as easy as setting aside a drop off bin for customers and contacting a local recycling company. Why do it? For starters, many recycling plants in the UK buy plastic waste for a price.  Your shop’s plastic bag recycling program might also help you to get new customers. As a shop owner, you have little involvement in the process as your waste gets dropped off by customers and picked up by the recycling company.

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