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Shops that sell groceries and other take-out items, often have to pick between two bag choices, paper or plastic. On the surface, this might seem like a trivial decision. However, this is something that can impact how customers perceive your business.  Remember, this is the only thing with your business logo that customers get to take home. Everything from the material of the bag to its unique custom design should be in line with your store’s identity. Long story short, picking plastic or paper bags is more a marketing decision than anything else.

If you are judging purely by cost per piece, then polythene bags beat paper bags all day long. Paper bags are simply more expensive than plastic bags. Unless they are laminated, paper bags are also not water resistant. Even with these flaws, there are more than a few upsides of picking paper over plastics. In this post, we reveal 5 reasons why you might want to invest in printed paper bags for your store.


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Customers Appreciate the Fact That They Are Biodegradable: Its poor biodegradability is the primary reason why several customers do not want to take home plastic bags. Customers have no such issues with printed paper bags. In fact, most customers reward stores with more business just because they switched from plastic to paper. A shop that uses printed paper bags is automatically perceived as a business that’s environmentally conscious.

They Pose Less Risk of Suffocation: Paper bags have a porous surface that allows a little bit of air to pass through. This means your shop’s printed paper bags will never pose any threat of suffocation to children and pets.

Provides a Better Branding Surface: Unlike plastic which can crumple up and distort the shop’s logo, the sides of printed paper bags remain iron-flat all the time. This means your shop’s logo is displayed in all its glory. Every little detail of the design is visible on the flat surface of these bags including clever taglines. The two flat rectangular surfaces also allow you to add texts, without the risk of them being illegible from a distance. Overall, due to their flat smooth sides, printed paper bags are a much better branding medium.

They Look More Premium: There is a reason why boutique brands and shops that sell luxury items offer laminated paper bags to their customers. In every which way, printed paper bags look more premium than their plastic counterparts. Some retail outlets even choose to add deluxe rope handles to spruce up the classiness of their bags.

They Can Be Custom-Crafted to Match the Cargo: One of the advantages of printed paper bags is that they can be custom-built depending on the things they are likely to carry. For example, liquor stores order slim paper bottle bags with rope handles that are perfectly sized to carry one upright wine bottle. Paper bags can also be crafted to be used as regular grocery bags with wider mouths and an enhanced carrying capacity.

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