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The solution to the world’s plastic problems is already well established. It’s simple, we need to bring along reusable shopping bags to shops instead of buying plastic grocery bags. Even though we know what to do, most of us simply cannot break the habit of using single-use shopping bags.

A lot of people get highly motivated when they see videos of sea creatures suffering due to indiscriminate dumping of plastic bags. Some of us even take it a step further by ordering reusable shopping bags. However, we soon forget the promise we make to ourselves to use these bags. We go back to our old habits before we get enraged and motivated by yet another “eye-opening” video on social media.

What you need to remember is awareness is only the first step. The key to reducing plastic usage is to complement that awareness with positive habitual change. In this post, we reveal 4 practical tips that will remind you to use reusable shopping bags.


Create a Collection of Reusable Shopping Bags: Just because biodegradable reusable bags are functional doesn’t mean they cannot be stylish. In fact, it makes sense to create a collection of bags made from different materials to match them with different types of looks.

Reusable Cotton Tote Bag Matched with the Secondary Color of the T-Shirt


A collection of bags also ensures you always have a bag ready to be used while the others are in the washer. Investing in building a collection of beautiful reusable bags kindles a sense of pride, which in turn motivates you to carry these bags along. Keep surprising your friends by cycling these custom reusable bags, much like you would do with t-shirts and dresses.


Make Sure They Are Visible: One of the most common and critical errors in forming a habit of using reusable shopping bags is storing them out of view. When they are kept deep inside cupboards and other storage units, these bags remain out of view. Leading busy lives, most people simply forget about them and they, in turn, start using single-use plastic bags. The best way to bypass this problem is by keeping the bags in places where they are visible. A lot of people found success in hanging the bags from keyholders. This way they are reminded of the bags just when they are about to grab their car keys or house keys before leaving the house.


Make Them a Part of Your Going-Out Routine: Have you ever wondered why you almost never forget your house keys or car keys when walking out the front door? That’s because your brain gives you something-is-wrong signals whenever you try to leave your home without them. That happens only after you consciously repeat a task until it becomes an unconscious habit. Much like pocketing your keys, constantly remind yourself to carry along the reusable carrier bags before leaving your home till it becomes a habit.  


Keep Spare Shopping Bags in Your Car: Just in case you forget to carry shopping bags, keep a few extra reusable bags in your car. Considering that most people take their cars to supermarkets and shops, this ensures you are always ready to whip out your bag whenever there is a shopping emergency.

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