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Most seasoned shop owners know the importance of buying a range of different branded carrier bags. From the cheap plastic bags to the classy cotton carriers, there are plenty of options to choose from. Given the variety of choices, you should not be limited to a single kind.

A carrier bag is more than just a packaging material. Being an effective branding medium, it helps to get more people interested in your shop and thus increases the number of new customer walk-ins. This means when you hand out blank bags to your customers you miss out on the opportunity to attract potential customers. Therefore, it makes sense to invest a little more to buy printed carrier bags for your shop. It’s also a good idea to purchase a few different types of carrier bags in terms of size and material. This way you don’t have to give away a large bag for a small item or an expensive bag for a low-value purchase.


Cheaper Options

Some businesses hand out free carrier bags to their customers. These are everyday plastic bags that can be given away with every small purchase. Now, because these bags are inexpensive, there is a high chance you are going to use them up pretty fast. The sheer volume of their usage presents a great branding potential. You can easily get your shop’s logo and tagline printed on these bags by paying a little bit extra.

When charging customers for plastic bags, it’s best to invest a bit more per bag. By paying more you get better quality bags for which customers wouldn’t mind paying extra. Invest in a better grade of plastic and make sure the plastic bags are durable enough to be reused.

Cheap plastic bags are a great solution when you have customers who do not want to pay for carrier bags or want to pay very little.


Small Items

When customers buy small-sized products, you cannot just hand them the item and the bill. Putting small items in large plastic bags also seems wasteful. Small paper bags are ideally suited for such purchases. Put the item in a small paper bag and send your customer on their way.

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Paper bags can also be custom shaped to suit a product type. For example, stocking paper bottle bags can help customers carry expensive wine and olive oil bottles. Simply put, you need to consider your product inventory before ordering custom paper bags.  


Gift Bags

Apart from the bags that you give away for free, you need to stock some bags that you can sell as products. Considering the demand for eco-friendly carrier bags, many customers would gladly buy these bags to carry their products home instead of demanding a free plastic bag. These decorative fabric bags can also be paired with expensive products to create a giftable combo. It’s also recommended to invest in a display unit for these bags to boost their visual appeal and thus prompt impulse purchases.

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