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Carrier bags are more than just free bags given to customers by shopkeepers. It’s a branding medium that can do wonders. When carried by customers, paper carrier bags can visually influence others on the street to pay attention to your brand.

While some would argue that any type of carrier bag can be printed to showcase the shop’s logo, nothing comes close to paper bags when it comes to branding potential. The reason for that is completely practical. Unlike other bag types, paper bags have two flat sides. Plastic and cotton bags are made from materials that crumple up, which can cause sections of the printed design to look distorted. Not with paper carrier bags. The two flat sides display your shop’s name in full glory. They are much like mini billboards that your customers voluntarily carry from your shop to their homes.

Paper carrier bags are more expensive than cheap plastic bags. However, considering their branding impact they can make up for their extra cost by bringing you more business. If you are thinking of buying paper bags and using them as regular carrier bags for your shop, here are 4 things you need to keep in mind.


Never Meddle with the Design Process After Hiring a Graphic Designer

You might know a little bit of Photoshop, but you should never discount the importance of hiring a professional designer. Creative designers come up with clever design ideas that can grab people’s attention. Unless you are blessed with a super creative brain and amazing graphic design skills to back it up, it’s best to leave the designing to a professional. During the initial briefing with the designer, talk about your branding strategy, target customers, and brand identity. Once you lay down the basic requirements, give the designer the freedom to come up with sample designs for you to approve. Meddling in the design process can prevent the designer from creating something truly genius.


Let Your Customers Know Your Support for Biodegradable Bags

A lot of customers prefer paper and fabric bags over single-use plastic bags. Create a positive brand image by letting your customers know about your conviction for biodegradable bags.

Customers Appreciate Biodegradable Paper Carrier Bag
Biodegradable Paper Carrier Bags

If marketed correctly, it will help you draw in fresh customers and thus boost the bottomline. Sometimes it’s as simple as posting it on Facebook or simply displaying a sign that reads “We Stand for Biodegradable Bags”.


Order a Range of Different Sizes

Depending on what products you sell in your shop, it’s best to keep a stock of a range of different size of paper carrier bags. Most shops selling grocery items keep a large stock of medium sized paper bags that are good for carrying 5 to 6 items. Larger paper bags are great for monthly groceries and larger orders.


Choose the Right Thickness Paper Carrier Bags

If you didn’t know it already GSM is a unit that stands for gram per square meter and it is a unit of weight. The heavier the paper the more durable it is. For most grocery shops, 110 gsm paper bags are a great option as they are sturdier than 100gsm bags. If you sell light and voluminous items such as garments, then 100gsm paper carrier bags should serve you fine.

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