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Bag that branding this Summer

The hour has gone back, Easter is long gone and now Summer is fast approaching. Summer means people going shopping, for a stroll and just generally being outside a lot more. This is the perfect time to get your branding on bags and watch people enjoy the sun whilst promoting your business.

Shopping bags are becoming more of a fashion accessory every year which we love, as long as they are made in an environmentally friendly way!

Move over for Fabric Bagsjute bags 1 fabric bags

Strong and practical, these types of bags are ideal for heavier goods such as food, bottles or promotional items. The popularity for Fabric Bags is rising in the UK, partly because of their ‘green’ qualities and because customers now have to pay 5p for every plastic bag. Read more about the 5p plastic bag charge here.

By using the latest printing technology, here at Royal Packaging we can print your branding in the highest quality on Eco-friendly Fabric Bags. Just picture it, 100’s of people walking around with your logo on their bag… advertising has never been easier!

A good quality Fabric Bag should last for several months, if not more. That’s a long time to have your brand exposed to people in supermarkets, shopping centres and anywhere else your bag is used.


See our full range of Printed Fabric Bags here »

Where to start

Royal Packaging have a wide range of fabric bags, all of which can be bought wholesale. These include Non-Woven PP Carrier Bags, Woven PP Carrier Bags, Cotton Bags, and Jute Bags. The latter, our Jute Bags, are both beautiful and extremely durable, and a fantastic way to promote an Eco-friendly image.

You can order 250 of these for only £2.42 per bag (or £1.90 per bag for every 1000 bought wholesale). Made from naturally occurring plant fibres, these fabric bags are biodegradable and can be branded using high definition colour transfer printing.

For more about our wholesale Eco-friendly bags, click here. Or, if you’d prefer, give us a call on 020 8150 3822!

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