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Polythene Carrier Bags In Any Style Or Size

Need to order bags wholesale for your brand?

Polythene carrier bags remain the most widely re-used of carrier bags. This style of lightweight bag was invented by a Swedish engineer called Stan Gustaf Thulin, and first appeared in shops in the late 1970s. Since then they have become the most popular type of bag for retailers and supermarkets alike.

Polythene Carrier Bags

A wide range of bags to choose from.

Royal Packaging offer a number of styles of plastic bag, including those with Die-cut handles, Flexi Loop handles, Vest Handle bags, Rope Handle bags, Duffle style bags and Clip Close Handle bags. Whether you’re after biodegradable films and full colour processing or speciality plastics, our team offer a vast range of options for polythene carrier bags.

Bags for life.

While plastic bags aren’t considered environmentally sound, there are those which can be used multiple times, which is particularly important following the 5p tax introduced recently. This will lessen the environmental impact and also get your brand seen all over the place.

Our Flexi Loop Handled Bags are ‘bags for life’ and brilliant for promoting an environmentally friendly message.

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