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Polypropylene bags are increasingly becoming popular among shop owners. They are affordable, and they provide a great branding real estate. Promotional polypropylene bags also last longer than regular plastic bags and thus customers are inclined to keep on using them. This, in turn, means the logos on these bags keep on fulfilling their branding destinies even months after they were given to customers.

When looking to buy polypropylene bags or PP bags for your shop you need to choose between two primary types, woven or non-woven. While both function great as carrier bags, there are a few basic differences between the two.


They are Easy to Tell Apart

It doesn’t take a veteran to tell apart a non-woven bag from a PP woven bag. As its name might suggest, a woven bag is manufactured by machine-weaving plastic threads. They usually have the typical checkered texture of any weaved item.

Woven Bags
Woven Polypropylene Bag

Non-woven polypropylene bags are made by melting plastic pellets and are made in special presses to form the shape of the bag. Thus, non-woven polypropylene bags have a solid appearance as opposed to the weaved texture of woven bags.

non woven carrier bag
Non-Woven Polypropylene Bag


PP Woven vs PP Non-Woven

Now that you know the basic difference between the two types, it’s time to delve deeper. Here is how the two types of polypropylene bags compare in the following 4 parameters.


Strength: Both woven and non-woven PP bags are extremely durable. They are significantly more durable than paper bags and cheap plastic grocery bags. Therefore, they can both be used as reusable plastic bags. However, in terms of tensile strength, woven PP bags are generally stronger than non-woven bags.

Cost-Effectiveness: Price per bags is one of the most critical components when picking carrier bags for the shop. Thankfully, polypropylene bags are pretty affordable and are great choices for both grocery shops as well as premium luxury retail outlets. Thanks to their enhanced durability and a more complex manufacturing process, woven PP bags are slightly more expensive than non-woven bags.

Water Resistance: Unless there’s an inner waterproof lining, woven PP bags are less water resistant than non-woven bags. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Non-woven polypropylene bags are made from sheets of solid plastic, so they do a much better job in resisting moisture. Woven bags have a weaved pattern, which can let in a little bit of moisture.

Branding Potential: This is a category where both bags score equally well. Both woven and non-woven polypropylene bags have rectangular flat sides. The large flat areas are perfect for shop logos and they can even accommodate a few lines of texts. Now, because the sides of the bags stay flat and uncrumpled, the logo and branding message remains visible all the time. Considering both bags are reusable, customers are likely to be seen with these bags long after they were handed to them. When it comes branding potential, there is no choosing between the two and any one of the two types of printed polypropylene bags should work well.

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